2003-05-24 : 11:51 a.m.
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It's been a long time since I really updated... I know I should for my own sake, but sometimes it is just so hard both mentally and motivation wise. I'm sure I'll regret someday it if I don't update, but damn it can be hard.

Let's see where to start? I last updated on the 10th after Pubub won (song lyrics don't count!). What has happened since then? Lemme see...

Prom was the 16th and it was pretty awesome, though I could have done without the rain. I left school at 11 and got my hair done at around 2. That took forever. It wasn't Elizabeth this time, but someone else whose name escapes me... Deana? who knows. I need to get my hair cut soon though. Anyway, I got slammed with hair spray, bobby pins (77 to be exact), and far too much hair spray before finally getting home. I proceeded to drink a pot of coffee before getting dressed and makeup and stuff. Then we left to pick up Jack before heading to Eunices. Took bunches of pics and finally left. Too much traffic but that's another story. Took about an hour to get to the Ben... Eunice and Dan talked about school and Sasha and then Eunice and Jack talked about Anime... Let me just quickly add that Dan and I had NOTHING in common... oh well, he was nice enough. We got there, checked in, and that was basically it. Prom was awesome... danced a little (I admit that I can't dance to save my life thank you very much, but I managed not to kill anyones feet which is a good sign) and took whatever random drugs we found lying around (actually, that would be generic advil and Eunice and I lived to tell the tale. headaches suck, but very loud music causes them)... After the last slow dance we got our stuff and went out to meet my mom who drove us back to my house. We then all got changed and headed to Post Prom. I have to say, while I was driving I kept wondering if I'd end up at Greylyn instead of the YMCA... No fear, we got to the right place, though showing up at Greylyn at 1:30am could have been interesting. Post Prom was ok, but I was kind of disappointed. Oh well... didn't win anything, but did get free stuff... Anyway we left at about 4:45 and I drove people home and got home at 6:30ish. Fun. Slept till noon got up for an hour and fell back to sleep until 7pm therefore missing Funny Cide kill the Preakness field. I then proceeded to get very upset at myself for not setting the VCR but luckily MSNBC had the video online. Anyway, I went back to sleep and that was Prom and the aftermath.

On Sunday I had my "show" at Greylyn. I rode my buddy Innuendo. I love her, she is such a sweetheart, a spoiled prima donna princess, but still a sweetheart (I know that makes no sense...). I won a red ribbon in the first class (walk-trot) and pink in the 1 jump and a yellow in another walk trot though I should have gotton a ribbon in the 2 jumps... everyone said so but I think they wanted everyone to get a ribbon and thus split up the class in two to make sure everyone got something. It's'ok, it doesn't actually matter as it was a "show". I went back to sleep and got up and painted, ruined my painting and that was that.

Monday was hell. I was still tired, plus had math and viola and chorus... that sucked. anyway...

Tuesday was ok. I think someone threw out my paints and I will hunt them down. I need to now convince mrs. wolf that I turned them in... uh oh. Anyway, I went to AH and we did plastic surgery on my painting and it actually turned out well. I like it. I stayed there till 10:15 though. Got home and watched my tape of American Idol and voted for clay a couple of times before they closed the phone lines.

On Wed I turned in my painting and basically did nothing all day. In Bioethics we packed up all the food that was lying in the lobby. That was it. Then we had distaffs. It is SO hard trying to be a sop 1... I am such an alto now... oh well, I can manage. at least for Gloria. Nora's Dove may be another matter... Then was meisters... glenny wasn't there so we had a very short class. I had lunch with Eunice and headed to the Writing Center to write part of my paper for english. crappy paper... got home, wasted time, slept and finally headed out to greylyn. Rode Monet. Did well a the start and then became crappy but that's ok. Went home, ate dinner, and watched clay lose to ruben on American Idol. Damn. Clay shoulda won, even though ruben is good. I love clay. at least he still get's his cd.

Thursday we went out to Storm King for Art History with the hell class. it was not a favorite trip of mine. I felt sick, didn't like all the art, was tired, was hungery on the ride back, and it was grey. oh well. I got home and wrote my crappy english paper and headed to bed.

Friday sucked. It was senior cut day and I had to go (that said, my mom made it seem like she'd actually have let me stay home had she known. gee thanks mom..why didn't i tell you before hand...) and was sick. It was pretty pointless as there were no seniors. so pointless that I'm not going to bother explaining my day. Got home and finished "Bel Canto" which was so damn good until the sad ending and the EPILOGUE WHICH MADE NO FUCKING SENCE. Grrr... I'm going to pretend the author never wrote the epilogue. ::sigh:: Spent the rest of the night online...

So that brings me up to date with today. not doing anything this weekend thank you very much. 3 days! Ahhh...

Is Roo running in the Met on Monday? If so, Go Roo! If not, I'm an idiot.

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