2003-05-10 : 11:17 p.m.
The tale of a Pubub

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I'm still upset about Pompeii. What can I say, she was my girl. However, I'm not going to start crying again, I've done enough of that, I really have. For the tears, read last nights entry. I cried all through writing that and more. My poor girl.

In other news, this whole Santos/derby investigation is INSANE. I don't think he was carrying anything though the first view of the picture had me thinking differently. I blew up the shots and I'm even more convinced that it is just Bailey's silks, Empire Maker's ear, and shadow. Don't DQ Funny Cide. And don't ya think that if he was buzzed his race wouldn't have been smoothe like it was?

On to better news. Country Romance won! She's a half sister to Katz Me If You Can, my other girl. Katz is awesome, she just isn't Pompeii. G.W.'s Skippy also won as did Dynever! Yay on the latter especially. He's so good! Just hopefully he waits till after Funny Cide wins the Triple Crown to be awesome. Lol. Oh the BIG news! Publication (aka Pubub) came in SECOND in a G.3 race at Hollywood! YEAH MAN! He's going to be awesome sooner or later. I said that after the Arlington-Washington Futurity, the BC, and then he disappeared after a crappy Derby prep and only came back a couple months ago and won his optional claiming first time back and now SECOND in a graded stakes! Woohoo! Go Pubub. Why does his name have to start with a P? And why does my dland name have to be named after Pompeii? Sighs. I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry...

In other news, I FINALLY GOT MY BOW! IT IS FREAKIN' AWESOME! But I'm too tired to write more about that. Sleep is what I need...

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