2002-08-17 : 11:09 p.m.

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I'm a broccoli! I'm introverted but always try to be more outgoing. I'm sort of dim on the outside but inside I'm really a good person and always trying to fit in. Even though a lot of people don't like me, they really do learn to love me!

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I�m a penguin of the sub-artic type! I may have a funny head, but I�m a great bird! I love climbing rocks, that�s right, I climb rocks, and jump off them into the water! *splash* I�m not really globally threatened, but in some areas I am!

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how depressing... I've got no hope.

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Hyper. Cute. Shy.

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I'm all about the
Shy Guy

The baby of the group, your kind of man is the strong, silent type. The kind

who wins your heart is the kind who keeps his emotions in check, at first. But once you get into

a relationship, you need devotion, caring, and understanding. What can I say? You're a hopeless

romantic ~_^

And your

stereotypical boy band

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me trusting? no...

My animagus is a phoenix - what's yours?
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