2004-02-06 : 10:41 a.m.
Bloody, bloody rain! damnit!

Current Song: "Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan (again)
Current Rant: Rain. Too much rain.
Current Obsession: Riding. :)

It's raining hard today, flooding, and I have to work. Why the hell am I not surprised? I tell you, this is insane! That said, I do admit it hasn't rained for a few months. Basically since Barb gave us all ponchos. Well, I'll get to use it today unless Allison calls to cancel.

Ugh. It actually shouldn't be so bad though. My schedule:

For 5: Huggy and Fergie (or Bob, but the fewer trips to his field the better)

5:30: Willey, Apache, Scooby

6:30: Sponge Bob and Apache

Then I'll ride at 7. She gave me the choice of Riding at 6 or 7, but being that I need horses for 6:30, it's far easier to ride at 7. Plus I should get a longer lesson. I'll probably ride either Monet or Forsooth. Not sure quite yet which one.

Well, I got to go run through the rain and get to french. Then I have Euro and an english conference. Fun. Oh well, I'm free after that! Yay!

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