2003-09-08 : 9:41 p.m.
I tried to do Recap p. 2, but it died.

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See my whole plot to come back later on Saturday to finish writing my recap didn't happen. I thought about it, but well it just didn't happen. I know I left off after Wednesday, but I don't remember Thursday and I don't think Friday was worthy enough to write about and all I did on Saturday was lay around and sleep because I thought Ryerss was closed except for authorized personal only and I didn't know that evidently I am authorized... haha. Actually the closed gates were a good enough reason for me to turn around and go home and sleep. Yeah so anyway. I went back Sunday and they were actually open. The FOALS ARE HERE! haha. I would want to talk about them, but honestly I don't feel like it today. gaahh.

Yeah so as I'm sitting here ready to kill the people whose music is playing as loud as hell next door. It's bad music too! I am getting a damn headache. If it weren't for Into the Woods for therapy, I think I'd die right now! gaaahhhh!

So anyway, I had a heart to heart with myself as I was driving home from Cathy's tonight. I was listening to Delilah because I'm an idiot, but I needed that type of mood in the car... and basically drove while attempting to figure out my life. Yes, we are talking about a great thing to be thinking about while on the turnpike and the blue route... haha...

I really only know one thing that is truly important to me right now in life and that would be horses. I seriously would put aside so many relationships for horses. Here I am at school and all I want is to be somewhere that I can be around the horses. I've always been a big advocate for education however much I may have complained over the years, yet I want nothing more than not to be here and instead just been in a barn somwhere. It really sucks. More than anything I want a foal. I just would love to be able to raise the horse that someday I could ride... You know, I look forward more than anything to Wednesday when I'm at Greylyn and the weekends when I can go to Ryerss, I know and I understand that I should be focusing on school, but my mind is anywhere but here on school. I'm not in the same state as focus as I was in the car as while listening to Into the Woods is therapy and one of the greatest lesson givers, it's NOT thought provoking like Delilah... I am such an idiot.

Tomorrow I plan on cutting out of here to hit Ryerss. Mom will kill me if she finds out, but that's just why she won't. I'm actually a little nervous, I got a foal application and I'm afraid Mr. D or Sharon will say something to Jo Beth or Lisa and they'll ask me about it or laugh at me and then I'll have to come up with some excuse or something... errr....

Back to Into the Woods... Therapy! haha.

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