2003-10-14 : 9:47 a.m.
my coat saga

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Since I am TOO lazy to recap the saga that is my life, I'll just post my conversation with Susan. Hey, I'm lazy!

Shortkatt: i have such a problem with people

Shortkatt: it's not a good thing

bluelane19: yeah...

Shortkatt: oh did I tell you the news?

bluelane19: no

Shortkatt: we have MICE on our floor

bluelane19: ewww

Shortkatt: yes. so far my room is free of them (knock on wood)

Shortkatt: but everyone else seem to have them

Shortkatt: ahhh!

bluelane19: ahhh!

Shortkatt: my roommate actually got bit by one on yesterday... caught one in the trap in another room and she was taking it out and it bit her. spent the day in the er...

Shortkatt: haha

bluelane19: that's awful!:(

Shortkatt: i know.

Shortkatt: have meds to take for the next week

Shortkatt: I love how public safety and heath sevices and everyone else seem to have no cares about this....

Shortkatt: grrr

Shortkatt: we have paper mouse traps and that is IT

bluelane19: paper?!

bluelane19: little oragami cheese wedges, too?

Shortkatt: no cheese wedges, just paper

bluelane19: heheh

Shortkatt: doesn't that just suck???

Shortkatt: and freak me out...

bluelane19: yeah...icky mice

Shortkatt: I'm just annoyed that no one will do anything about it!!!

bluelane19: how aggravating

Shortkatt: it is! it is! it is!

Shortkatt: from my aunt:

Shortkatt: ESSchoettle: Phew!!!! Stay clean and healthy. Don't leave crumbs. Don't talk to anybody. Brush your teeth once a week.

Gotta go I'm starving.....

bluelane19: what was that in response to?

bluelane19: the mice situation?

Shortkatt: yes

Shortkatt: but why do I have this font now... grr... but the advice changed, now it is brush your teeth 2X a month...

bluelane19: ahhh cleanliness

Shortkatt: evidently the friction of brushing will knock my teeth out...

Shortkatt: haha

Shortkatt: oohhh.

Shortkatt: hold on this font is driving me crazy!!!

bluelane19: okay..

Shortkatt: a little better

Shortkatt: even more better

Shortkatt: very better

bluelane19: yea!

Shortkatt: is very better proper english?

bluelane19: sure

bluelane19: nah

bluelane19: maybe

Shortkatt: hey!

Shortkatt: I liked the sure the best!

Shortkatt: we can always induct it into ER IM official language...

bluelane19: yeah!

bluelane19: "very better"

Shortkatt: I like very better!

bluelane19: prob. too many positivesw

Shortkatt: am I feeling very better now. well, I'm not, but I can claim I am

bluelane19: yes.

Shortkatt: ok my saga of the past week. wanna here?

bluelane19: wanna hear!

Shortkatt: and the answer is yes, it is horse related.

bluelane19: I'm here

bluelane19: oy

bluelane19: :)

Shortkatt: shhhh

Shortkatt: ok!

Shortkatt: here goes

Shortkatt: but I never said it was a good entertaining saga

bluelane19: okay

bluelane19: go ahead

Shortkatt: You remember last weekend I got back from the horse show complaining that I no longer had a riding coat to where becausethe person's it was had moved up a level and thus was in my class?

Shortkatt: anyway, I sent myself on a mission to find a coat.

bluelane19: uh huh

Shortkatt: on Tuesday I went to Ryerss to see my boyfriend (yes, Dancer is in love with me and now I have an reason to run when Rob tries to hit on me so therefore dancer is my boyfriend)

bluelane19: oooh Dancer and Sarah sitting in a tree...

Shortkatt: and ended up sitting in the office talking to Nancy and Em about my horse show and my current lack of a coat

bluelane19: omg a horse in a tree~

bluelane19: laugh riot

Shortkatt: well he does kiss me...so we are ok there. the tree though??

bluelane19: you see i'm paying close attention

Shortkatt: yay!!!!

bluelane19: yea!

bluelane19: go on!

Shortkatt: ok!

bluelane19: yea!

Shortkatt: so they suggest ebay and looking at the used part of the horse connection

Shortkatt: so I go home at the end of the day cause I needed to do laundry and ate dinner (grilled cheese and tomato soup!) and went on to ebay

Shortkatt: and found to beautiful coats!

bluelane19: yea!

bluelane19: two you mean?

Shortkatt: yes

bluelane19: and?

Shortkatt: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3630757433&category=47268

Shortkatt: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3630757433&category=47268

Shortkatt: so i email the seller for info and eventually only one idiot e-mails me back

Shortkatt: I got the measurements since the coats are all screwed up sizes

bluelane19: it's says winning bid tho

bluelane19: does that mean its sold?

bluelane19: it's very pretty

Shortkatt: half are euro and the american sizes are not accurate

Shortkatt: and the one person that got back to me, sent me measurements that indicated that the coats were for a kid.

Shortkatt: grrr.

bluelane19: awww

Shortkatt: coat number 1 was a no go and I more or less gave up on number 2 as the price got high for a coat in which I had no clue about size wise.

bluelane19: and somebody got it anyway

bluelane19: I'm sorry

Shortkatt: So my coat saga continued.

bluelane19: any other options on ebay?

Shortkatt: On wednesday after nearly passing out as a result on not eating because i didn't feel well and low blood sugar, I headed to greylyn v8 splash in hand as they were out of oj at school

Shortkatt: when i need oj, they are out of it. it is the best natural sugar and they had NONE!

Shortkatt: idiots.

bluelane19: you tell them sar!

Shortkatt: so anyway, i spent most of my afternoon running around like an ADD kid, hands shaking and all. It was actually amusing though

Shortkatt: that's the effect low blood sugar has on me!

Shortkatt: weeeee

bluelane19: weee

Shortkatt: Anyway, I ended up riding Forsooth and had an incredibly crappy lesson. we waited in line the whole friggen time cause Tara had her students jumping the same line as my class....

Shortkatt: grrr

bluelane19: awww

Shortkatt: kids nearly got killed cause forsooth is a butt (though I love him anyway! don't tell dancer though) and doesn't like other horses within 4 feet of either side of him or he'll kick out and back

Shortkatt: so anyway, I had my lesson and I personally did well, but was bored out of my mind and overall it was a very crappy lesson

Shortkatt: afterwards once I had cooled out Forsooth and cleaned the ring, filling the already half full 50 gallon much bucket so that it was overflowing and dragged it to the much bucket

Shortkatt: I headed back into the office to clean and organize tack

Shortkatt: let's just say, people are idiots, and those who have their own horses, borrow the school tack. it was so bad that we were missing so much tack for horses we NEEDED to talk up, but it's another story completely...

Shortkatt: so while I was cleaning up and such, I asked barb what products I should be getting for my saddle since she had told me the week before and I forgot... I mentioned that I should actually be able to get it over the weeked as I needed to go on a mission to find a coat anyway, spending millions of dollars I do not have

Shortkatt: see the coat came back!

Shortkatt: the coat saga continues!

Shortkatt: yay!

Shortkatt: Anyway, as it turns out, by unintentionally mentioning my lack of a riding coat, Barb found out about it and told me that she had 2 old ones she doesn't wear anymore and i would be welcome to either if I wanted and they fit.

Shortkatt: so she gave me her cell phone number (this IS important) so I could call if I couldn't be there on Friday afternoon/evening when we planned on meeting

bluelane19: whee!

Shortkatt: give me a sec, head phones are needed to drown out circus music blarring on the tv in the room next door.

Shortkatt: one sec

Shortkatt: ok back

Shortkatt: Anyway,

Shortkatt: friday comes and after class I run home drop my stuff off and hed back to malvern to go to Greylyn

Shortkatt: I get there and get harassed by Mike (he cracks me up though) and find out that Barb is in the ring giving a private lesson

bluelane19: uh huh

Shortkatt: I walk in just to find out that she forgot the coats and only remember after mike had returned from his first trip home getting the dog...

Shortkatt: I'm telling you this is a saga...

bluelane19: ooooh Nancy Drew

bluelane19: yeah I know that's a mystery but it will suffice

Shortkatt: So I hang around for the next hour or so watching lessons and talking and such

Shortkatt: Barb tellls me that she'll bring them tomorrow (SAT) but will give me a call when she's leaving for the barn so I have some idea when to get there...

Shortkatt: so I give her my cell phone number as I wasn't sure where I'd be

Shortkatt: now fast forward to saturday.

Shortkatt: I get a phone call at about 12 from Barb and we attempt to have a conversation before my phone kills everything by having no signal

Shortkatt: a half an hour later she calls me back just to be sent after one ring to my voicemail.

Shortkatt: it isn't till 1pm that I realize just how smart I am

Shortkatt: I have her cell phone number and thus could call her from a regular phone.

Shortkatt: idiot that I am

Shortkatt: so I do that and then head over to Greylyn yet again (3X in one week!)

Shortkatt: I get there and they've got both Tony (barb's horse) and Nevada (mikes) (being renamed mouch with an intended show name of mucho gracias if barb ever shows him as well as tony) and there are too many people around (yes I'm forgetting my point)... anyway

Shortkatt: the first words after waving and "hi sarah!"are from mike, "you're cell phone sucks"

Shortkatt: thanks a lot...

Shortkatt: anyway, Barb remember the coats, though the first time they pulled out the drive way, she forgot...

Shortkatt: and I now have a riding coat without spending 1 million dollars! yay!

Shortkatt: of course, the first one which was supposedly less comfortable of the two fit so I didn't get to try on the other one which isn't quite as proper as the other and since people (well, rachel, owner of greylyn) made fun of barb for wearing it, she figured she'd spare me that one...

Shortkatt: anyway, i hung around for an hour or so, helping barb pull willie's mane (cause he's willie!) and just hanging around. and people there are quite amusing and mean... if you take millions of minutes on a school pony, you get made fun of.... long story. too tired ot type all of that

Shortkatt: anyway, I left and realized that i needed gas

Shortkatt: (I tell you, my saga continues)

Shortkatt: and was near E on my tank

Shortkatt: so I reach over to grab my wallet and it's not there!

Shortkatt: i call my mom who informs me I left it at home and so i turn around and drive home with my gas light on the whole time

Shortkatt: scary!

Shortkatt: I got home and it was below E!

Shortkatt: ahhh

bluelane19: That's so scary

Shortkatt: so basically waste the rest of the day before getting gas and then going to see Intolerable Cruelty!

Shortkatt: ahhhh!

Shortkatt: such a good movie!

bluelane19: ooooh!

Shortkatt: it was quite bizarre, but at the end you realize just how good it was

Shortkatt: I love George and Catherine together! they are PERFECT! how many years did that match take to come about?

bluelane19: yeah

Shortkatt: anyway, on a side note, if you ever want to see it and its still out and such, I'll go with you!

bluelane19: yes!

Shortkatt: yay!

bluelane19: I'd love to

Shortkatt: maybe during our LM weekend or something since I will be dragging you to that! probably pick you up on sat and drop you off sun since it's too much driving in one day

Shortkatt: oh yeah, the rest of my saga

Shortkatt: Barb mentioned on Friday that if I wanted I could ride on Friday, even though it's only a makeup day for her. I think she knows how much i've hated the crappy lessons lately so she suggested that. so i'm agreeing but it'll be on a weekly basis. if i don't feeling going some friday, then just tell her that wed and I can ride either at the semi private she's adding at 8 or whenever else I want

Shortkatt: I love the freedom i get with lessons now

bluelane19: yea!

Shortkatt: so yesterday I went out to Rick's (tack store) to get stuff for my saddle (could only find the one thing... grrr...)

Shortkatt: and ended up finding a pair of boots that FIT!

Shortkatt: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3631651606&category=16241

Shortkatt: they weren't cheap ($100) but at least I won't stick out like a sore thumb in my suade (not even leather!!!) half chaps

Shortkatt: I also got a new helmet that IS approved so that's happy too!

Shortkatt: btw, the pic is just a version of mine now on ebay

Shortkatt: of course, I didn't need a coat and still spent a million dollars, but with the coat it would have been 2 billion

Shortkatt: grrr

Shortkatt: why does horse stuff have to be so expensive???

Shortkatt: I'm definitely continueing to show (without school maybe even and with Greylyn this summer/spring maber...) since i have everything I need. haha

Shortkatt: oooh! It

Shortkatt: s

Shortkatt: so good that I don't drink

bluelane19: um...yeah

bluelane19: of course

Shortkatt: we had champagne last night (long story) and my small glass left me so jumpy and headachy that I wonder what I'd be like if I actuall drink

Shortkatt: this was at home though

Shortkatt: and ALIAS was on!!!!

Shortkatt: yay!

Shortkatt: i gotted to see mv! and weiss (greg grum-grrr... the guy married to Meghan on Felicity) gave Sydney a 3rd edition copy of Alice in Wonderland and got drunk with her and owuld have gotten the 1st edition had it not been 40,000...

Shortkatt: too cute.

Shortkatt: awww

Shortkatt: not that you would care

Shortkatt: and I won my mom's auction on ebay! go me! I did well! highest bid with 11 seconds left!

bluelane19: for what?

Shortkatt: champagne?

Shortkatt: celebration of some sort....

bluelane19: no the auction

bluelane19: mom's auction

Shortkatt: a doll my mom wanted

Shortkatt: she's on a doll shopping spree

Shortkatt: $2000 worth... it's crazy!

Shortkatt: http://cgi.aol.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2956017290&category=2433&rd=1 Shortkatt: pretty doll though

Shortkatt: she's crazy I must say!

bluelane19: it is a pretty doll.

bluelane19: cagney1012!

Shortkatt: yes!!!

Shortkatt: cagney is FAMOUS!

bluelane19: Yes! But I love Toby the best.

bluelane19: Toby is a sweetheart.

Shortkatt: toby had a heart attack when i left today. she was bawling her eyes out! it broke my heart

Shortkatt: :(

Shortkatt: I miss her!

Shortkatt: hopefully tomorrow I can see her!

bluelane19: wtf you don't mean a real heart attack?!

bluelane19: right?

Shortkatt: no

Shortkatt: emotional one

bluelane19: ok thank god

bluelane19: okay..

bluelane19: poor baby

Shortkatt: yeah

Shortkatt: she does that everytime I leave

bluelane19: you scared me!

Shortkatt: and everytime I come back

Shortkatt: awww sorry

Shortkatt: !

bluelane19: sweet Toby...:)

Shortkatt: i love my Bow

Shortkatt: :)

Shortkatt: O:-) = Toby!

Shortkatt: I can't wait till the LM

Shortkatt: game

Shortkatt: old disney music is playing....

Shortkatt: scary!

bluelane19: Yea! LM SUCKS!

bluelane19: Go Radnor!

Shortkatt: go Radnor!

bluelane19: I don't want to see all the ucky people so I am going as my alias Nancy and I'm wearing a ski mask! Cheers~

Shortkatt: who'd have thunk it that we'd still care about Radnor after graduation?!

Shortkatt: haha

bluelane19: I know...

Shortkatt: um right.

Shortkatt: so you say

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