2002-10-30 : 5:15 p.m.
Senior pics... really crappy senior pics...

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So I was bored and changed the template... again. The only one that has actually lasted was the first one...the green one that Ohnmar said was not fit for a dead king... ok then.

I can't type AT ALL today so if I don't make any sense.... oy vey.

Senior pics. Help. Here are my 6 crappy shots that I desided to scan. Pic the best one and sign put the number in the guestbook, kay? I need help! Oh. The scanning is really crappy because it was fast... sorry.

#1 Sorta like this one

#2 Bad pic but I love the horses. Not really an option...

#3 Didn't really my mom was taking the pic... oops. Not too crappy though

#4 Ack! The wind!

#5 EEEEWWWWW! Why in hell did I scan this!?! BAD PIC! The other one is like this but not QUITE as bad... Too lazy to scan again...

#6 I'm being ATTACKED!!!! Not an option but I figured you'd all want to see me being attacked...

Help! sign the guestbook, k? O! O! O! O! Christmas Away won today by 1! Go Christmas! Skippy babies are the best (ok, the best at being completely inconsistant!)... Go Christmas and Heart!
Churchill Downs - October 30th, 2002 - Race 8
Allowance - For Thoroughbred Two Year Old (NW1 X) One Mile On The Dirt
Purse: $43,400
Includes: $8,400 (Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund )
Value of Race: $43,400 1st $27,160, 2nd $8,680, 3rd $4,340, 4th $2,170, 5th $1,050
Weather: Cloudy Track: Muddy
Off at: 4:07 Start: Good for all
Pgm HorseName (Jockey) Wgt M/E PP SP 1/4 1/2 3/4 Str Fin Odds
9 Christmas Away (Day, P.) 120 L b 6 7 4-1/24-1 1/22-1/21-11-1 1/4 0.90*
12 Winaprize (Albarado, R.) 122 L b 7 2 7 7 5-33-1/22-3 1/4 7.10
7 Fan Destiny (Lopez, J.) 119 L 4 1 1-1/21-1 1/21-Head2-Head3-1 1/4 5.30
6 Legend's Song (Bramblett, J.) 122 L 3 4 3-Head3-Head4-Head4-24-6 1/4 47.10
5 Humble Earl (Court, J.K.) 120 L 2 5 6-Head6-Head6-86-185-1 9.50
4 Our Only Option (Melancon, L.) 122 L 1 3 5-2 1/25-23-1/25-36 2.80
8 Wanna Make It (Arguello, Jr., F.A.) 122 L 5 6 2-1 1/22-Head7 7 --- 31.00
Fractional Times: 23.33, 47.19, 1:13.27, 1:26.10, 1:39.26

Winner: Christmas Away - Gray or Roan Colt, April 25, 2000
Bred by Hargus Sexton & Sandra Sexton & Skip Away Syndicate in KY
Pedigree: Skip Away - Christmas Affair , by Black Tie Affair (IRE)
Scratched Horses: Randwick, Miner Moss, Outer Bounds, Rights Reserved, Chicken Soup Kid, Subordinate's Lad

Pgm Horse Win Place Show Total WPS Pool: $181,113
9 Christmas Away 3.80 2.60 2.20
12 Winaprize 5.00 3.00
7 Fan Destiny 3.00

Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff Pool Carryover
$2 Pick 3 3-7-1/2/3/9/10/11/13 56.20 19,854
$2 Exacta 9-12 17.80 174,799
$2 Trifecta 9-12-7 70.60 164,801

9 Christmas Away: tracked pace, 4-5w,took over, steady drive
12 Winaprize: unhurried early, 7-8w backstretch, moved 5w turn,bid,2ndbest
7 Fan Destiny: slim lead near inside, weakened in drive
6 Legend's Song: well placed inside,checked repeatedly on turn,empty lane
5 Humble Earl: 3-4w for 3/4s, in contention,angled 6w lane,flattened out
4 Our Only Option: 4-5w to stretch,swung out 7w,flattened out
8 Wanna Make It: forced pace early,between foes, faded, eased

CHRISTMAS AWAY, never far back while tracking the pace four or five wide, took over when straightened for the drive, then was under steady encouragement the remainder. WINAPRIZE, unhurried early and seven or eight wide on the backstretch, edged in four wide on the turn, came out six abreast for the stretch run, loomed prominently but wasn't good enough. FAN DESTINY gained a narrow lead early, expanded it a bit while three wide approaching the end of the backstretch, made the pace until the stretch and weakened. LEGEND'S SONG moved near the inside early, raced within easy striking distance, was checked repeatedly on the turn while continuing inside in slightly close quarters, then came up empty in the drive. HUMBLE EARL, within striking distance and three or four wide for six furlongs, came out six wide for the drive and flattened out. OUR ONLY OPTION, within easy striking distance while following the leaders four wide, came out seven wide for the drive and faltered. WANNA MAKE IT broke awkwardly, was sent up soon after to force the pace from between foes, raced close up until the turn, faded soon after and was eased in the stretch when hopelessly beaten.

Owners: 9 - Carl Bowling & C R Thompson, 12 -Frank L. Jones, Jr., 7 - Winn, Mrs. James A., 6 - Lucky Seven Stable, 5 -James E. Danaher, 4 - Choctaw Racing Stable, 8 - Sefa's Farm
Trainers: 9 -Patrick B. Byrne, 12 -Dale L. Romans, 7 -Robert E. Holthus, 6 -David Jeff Alfir, 5 -Angel O. Montano, Sr., 4 -Lynn S. Whiting, 8 -Brenda M. Hill

Got to get work done and then go riding! I seriously waste too much time! Short classes tomorrow! "...And it's good that I'm not angry/ I just need to get oer/ I'm not angry/ it's dragging me under/ I'm not angry..."

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