2002-10-05 : 9:19 p.m.
being sick sucks

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Ya know what? I hate being sick. I've had a cold all week, well since tuesday night following my really bad headache and the cold is still here. I'm lucky in that I don't have a stuffed up head, but it's almost worse because I have a sore throat (that IS getting slightly better) and a painful cough, affecting my asthma too. It really sucks. I can breathe now but I don't think that'll last. Beh. Oh well, for now I have Gatorade and lots of it. 48 fl oz isn't too much of something in a day, right? I can always drink more...

Imperial Gesture won today!!! I am SO happy! I've been a fan since BC juvenile fillies last year and liked her more than Tempera and since Tempera died, I've loved her all the more because she is winning for herself and Tempera. She won the Beldame over Mandy's Gold and Summer Coloney. Go Gesture! Both she and Farda Amiga are going to kick ass in the BC Distaff as will Came Home in the Classic!

Woohoo! Michelle Kwan won the Campbells over AP and Sarah and Sasha (in that order)! Go Michelle, AP, and Sarah. Sasha's attitude bugs me so forget her.

It is 9:32. Fun, fun. There is nothing to do. Online or off. This is so boring. Maybe I'll sleep. Take bunches of cold crap and sleep, dear sleep. I love sleep. Unfortunately, I'm not tired. Unlike yesterday, I didn't fall asleep at 5:30 pm and get woken up at 6:45 pm to think it was morning and that I had to get up for school and was late. My poor mother, I was confusing sounding. Must of sounded drunk. I was drunk is sleep. Sleep=good.

Aunt Helen came over today with Gary to get Mary Kay stuff and to bring me a 5 lbs. bag of potatos. What a great gift. Potatoes.

Nothing else happened today, or yesterday, or since the last time I wrote, which was when???? Oh well. I am making so little sence. Maybe sleep really is a good thing for me right now...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Sky Mesa won today! He is going to be awesome as a three year old next year! (and in the BC juv for that matter) Roo ran really badly in his turf debut which makes me sad...Roo is a good horsie and he needs to run well. I love my Congaree! AND that love is there even though he is trained by Baffass... Still need to find out what the hell was with the retired Pompeii's work at Keeneland monday... so weird!

"I wonder how I ever make it through a day, how did I settle for a world in shades of gray. When you go in circles all the scenery looks the same and you don't know how. And I looked into your eyes with the world stretched out in front of me. And I never lived before your love...."

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