2005-02-28 : 8:32 p.m.
it's snowing

Current Song: "The Widow" Mars Volta on y100rocks @radio365.com
Current Rant: rap sucks
Current Obsession: y100rocks.com

Woooosh! Honestly, I don't know what that was for. I feel... drunk or something. But considering all I've had to drink today has been water, pepsi, and cranberry juice, that ain't possible. But... wooosh!

Yeah so I'm bored, have a shitload of homework to do, and American Idol is on and I just turned it on, plus i'm listening to y100rocks because the online radio is fucking awesome and it's really strange to have one ear listening to AI and another to y100rocks. Very odd. granted I just started watching AI right now because I was waiting for the premire of Nine Inch Nails (3 songs!!!!!!!) Yeah. Anyway, I've got stuff to do so what am I doing? Updating dland. Yeah, I suck.

So it's snowing outside. The snow allowed for us to get out early which is GREAT of course it would have been nice if I ACTUALLY HAD A CLASS AFTER THE EARLY DISMISSAL!!!! But no. We close early, I have had all my classes that day, we close, I don't have class that day, we open early, my first class is whatever the first class of the day would be anyway. I AM CURSED!!! Anyway, we'd really better be getting at least a delay. I don't want to have my id science test and basically a delay is my only hope. Of course, I'd love TO BE CLOSED, but i fear that is highly unlikely. You never know, but...::crosses fingers::

Anway, what do I have for tomorrow? I have to do a shitload of reading for islam, though I won't do that so forget that, I have to finish my Broadway write up on Oklahoma but I finished everything but the synopsis so that won't be bad, I've got a broadway midterm tomorrow as well, and I've got to finish, er, start, er read Frankenstein and essays on it for class tomorrow night. Yeah, I'm good. I've had since oh... THURSDAY NIGHT to do all of this and TUESDAY NIGHT FOR FRANKENSTEIN (essays only since last night) and what have I accomplished, very, very little.

Damn. what happened to y100rocks????? damn!

BACK. Yaya!!!!

What else?

I'm not sure if I posted about my completely blown weekend. Well, it sucked. Suppose to go to Harrisburg, didn't. Should have shown, didn't. Had fun? No. I went home for a couple hours on sunday and made cookies, but other than that... Grrr. I'm sick of this room. There's other crap, but I'm not feeling like posting it. Maybe in a few weeks.

What else? didn't I just type that? Yes.

No barn today. Boo, but it's not like I would have gone. Snow. Yuck. I didn't get a call till 3ish, though I had assumed that it was off so I was asleep so it was all good. However, this brings me to my problem: My phone. It's not ringing half the time. Evidently today it was suffering from complete trauma and no calls could even get to voicemail. (side note, i changed my voicemail, finally! no more annoying standard message!!! ain't ya proud? Well, it's still standard, but at least I'm speaking more than my name). I've been having more of these problems since CINGULAR took control. Granted I'm still ATT Wireless, cingular has left it's mark. Grr. Fuck cingular. Fuck radio one and fuck cingular. that's my o

Ooo Bo Bice! haha! yay!!! Go Bo Bice and Anthony Fedorov!!!!!

ok now it's y100rocks and summerland. yes, i'm a geek. but Jesse McCartney was Junior (then J.R.) on AMC and... sniff. Plus FRANCIE!!!! (and aunt Becky!)

Ok, this is complete a random bunch of crap.


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