2002-12-11 : 10:12 p.m.
The tears of a sob.

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You know what? I am such a sob. I feel like crying when people are so nice to me. Even if other people including the individual do not realize it.

Point being, my riding lesson. I got there real early (5:40ish) and Mike was there and he said hi, told me heat and cars are good and got in his truck with an ADORABLE dog. I loved the dog! Anyway, he's nice and I was glad he took the time to say 'hi'. Anyway I go inside and Barb was giving a private and no one else was there so I stood staring at trig crap till Devon walked in and realized there was no place for the checks and we stood starring until short girl came in and then finally Josie came and told us to 'come' so we came and got horsies. Mike had come back in and he was claiming he was some historical figure I should now. Scary. Anyway I had Innuendo and she wears a halter rather than a bridle now. In other words, no bit. We stood out in the ring and finally got ready to mount. She was helping short girl and Devon onto their horses via mounting block b/c they need to do it backwards and such. Meanwhile Barb comes up to me and asks how I am and then gives me a hug and says that she knows I'm not happy with this and such and I don't know why it makes me cry when I think about it. She's so nice. Maybe after being around Radnor people and such niceness seems so rare. I don't know but thinking about it makes me cry still. Barb is great. So nice. Nice people are good. Yeah so that made my day. Sorta sad that something like that makes a day, but it did! Thanks Barb. It's just so nice that people care. I'm so determined that no one does. See, that's my problem. My lesson was ok. Innuendo was being a brat as she had so bit and thus could pull her head and ignore me all she wanted as it didn't hurt. Beh. Had some trouble (diagonals... and circling her but I asked about that and got help and no lecture!) but overall it was ok. No jumping. Did a bit of cantering. From a walk/stand still around the ring once individually 2X. I survived that and got more compliments today as I think I made her feel bad last class. Go me. It was all in all ok, just not great. Oh well. Also had Cathy today which was fun. So behind on homework and hell, I don't care. I just want the weekend. I'll catch up then, k? So that was the day of the sob. ::sob::

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