2004-03-02 : 1:20 p.m.
scotland sooon

Current Song: "I've Tried Everything" Annie Lennox
Current Rant: I don't wanna study!!!
Current Obsession: I wanna go to scotland now!

I really, really, really need to go study euro, except I have no motivation. Then I need to go down to Haverford and hit AAA because it's 10 miles to NE Philly AAA and 10 miles to Worchester (or some random Bucks County place) and 10 miles to Haverford so I'm going to Haverford AAA, at least I know where it is. Hey, what can I say, I need to get a passport/ID holder thing... gaaah.

I cannot believe that I leave for Scotland on Saturday. I am so fucking excited! I just wish I had more time. I want to get to the Highlands, but it won't happen. Too far. It's funny though. I filled out this "layers" survey that was floating back and forth between horse people from the old kttc days and I wrote something about Scotland. A few minutes ago I get an IM from Abbey who I haven't seen since preakness 2001... Yeah so evidently she is in Scotland at St Andrews University... She said to come up and she'll show me around... I was thinking of dragging people (if I can figure out who the fuck is even going to scotland) and maybe hitting St Andrews on the free day. Of course, I just realized by looking at my itinerary that we're actually going to St. Andrews on Tuesday. Lol. I'll tell her that later so hopefully we can meet sometime up there. Hopefully she'll e-mail me her cell # at somepoint...

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