2004-11-29 : 11:56 a.m.
The Fight: Arcadia vs. Me

Current Song: "True" Ryan Cabrera
Current Rant: scheduling conflicts damnit!
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because i don't have time to update, here is the "lazy" update:

Me: i'm convinced "the world" (aka arcadia) is against me.
Eunice: lol
Eunice: I'm not against you!
Me: haha
Eunice: Let's get together over winter break!
Me: here's the story!
Me: I currently am signed up for 19 credits (6 classes)
Eunice: I'm trying to maintain my sanity by planning happy things for winter break as finals loom over me
Me: I have lab mondays 12ish-3ish
Eunice: u huh
Me: tuesday i have 1 class 830-1010
Me: then another 210-350
Me: and another 7-10
Me: this is spring semester btw
Me: wednesday i have no class
Me: thursday i have class 830-1010, 210-350
Eunice: uh huh
Me: and another night class 7-10
Me: then somewhere I have a TBA class. 1X a week for 3-4 hours
Me: this all would be fine and dandy (well, minus having 2 night classes)
Me: but I looked the classes up online and there are potential problems.
Me: the tba class has 4 people signed up for it. i believe they need 6 people (paris trip) but no more than 8.
Me: -4 credits.
Eunice: right
Me: tuesday night class has 3 people. i believe they need 4 people to hold a class
Me: -4 credits.
Me: currently, 11 credits.
Me: need 12 to be full time
Me: 3 class i am willing to take.
Me: TR 210-350.
Me: already have class then.
Me: then there are 2 other classes, TR 1220-200
Eunice: :-(
Me: can only take one.
Me: but I can't sign up for it until they officially cancel my other classes bc i can take no more than 20 credits.
Me: basically, i am waiting for them to either cancel classes or not cancel them.
Eunice: how frustrating
Me: the tuesday night class i'd like to drop, but if they hold it with only 3 people, it would be an awesome class. lit discussion group basically.
Eunice: uh huh
Me: i think i'd somewhere add "understanding islam" but if I drop the lit class and they cancel the paris class, then I'll only have 16 credits (which is fine, but...)
Me: but if they hold the lit class, I could have 19 credits again.
Me: I'd really like to drop the Thursday night class, but htat class will definitely happen, which is probably a very good thing.
Me: problem #3
Eunice: oh dear
Me: If i add a mwf class, it is 12-1pm
Eunice: ah
Me: which screws w/ my lab. I could move lab to W at 830, but damnit, another 830 class? that'd be 3 days a week plus friday's early riding. ahhhh!
Eunice: and you'll have a class on wed then too
Eunice: sheesh
Me: yup
Me: so basically I'm screwed?
Eunice: ummm
Eunice: well, i can't even figure out what the times are for my classes
Me: The MWF class is Philadelphia Lit which sounds kinda good plus the prof is awesome. damn but I was trying to avoid lit other than int lit 2 which i need in order to take my 300 level lit. i need 4 eng classes, 2 being lit, 1 300 lit.
Eunice: you updated!!
Me: many eng and communication classes are listed as both cm and en so I basically can chose which I'd like them to be. if I take 2 lits, then my other 2 eng can be public relations (en only) and mag writing or other cm/en classes.
Me: yes i updated.
Me: so, i have a dilema, eh?
Eunice: yep
Eunice: sure sounds like one
Me: the funny thing is I thought before i'd have to move around classes b/c i wanted to do the barn wed and mon and I thought the tuesday night class was monday nights (bc it was, but they changed the time without anouncing it) so that's fixed, but 2 english classes at once, both being 1x a week at night? that's rough. if i was stupid and did the phila lit, that'd be 3 english classes, w/ eng 5 days a week. 2 lits, 1 writing based. ahhhhhhhh
Me: damnit!
Eunice: lol
Me: well, i've got to get off and get ready to go to school.
Me: i have a paper due tomorrow and have yet to start it. guess what i'll be doing at 1am?
Eunice: yeah
Eunice: me too
Eunice: awwww

Me: class 3-6, 7-10
Eunice: good luck on your paper
Me: ahhhhh!!!!!!
Eunice: yikes
Eunice: :'(
Me: thanks. i don't get it either
Me: critique of the old manchurian candidate which for some reason confuses me completely.
Me: damn communist brainwashing plots.
Me: bye!
Eunice: bye!
Eunice: Hope your day goes well!
Me: thanks!
Eunice: :)

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