2004-03-25 : 7:47 a.m.
A couple days of recap

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Well, I am finally going to update. This isn't my trip journal, but someday I'll get that up, I promise! Haha, that probably means nothing though...

Since I haven't written in a few weeks, I am going to not really bother with an update/ recap because I'm sure that would take me forever and forever I do not have. So anyway, I guess I'll pretty much start with this week and that should be good, right??

Ok! Here we go! Exciting, no? Haha. Deadly boring is more like it!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Well, for some reason I can't really remember Saturday. Wait! Yes I do! Yay!!! Anyway, I got up and headed over to Aunt Helen's so that we could go out to the Gap to shop for my birthday. We spent a couple hours there and I ended up getting a really pretty skirt and a couple of tank tops. What can I say, other than the shirts and skirt, everything looked ugly. Too big and the size down was too small. Go figure... Either that or the cut was really, really screwy. Oh well, the skirt was more pricey than something I'd normally get so I guess it balanced out me not getting much. It is pretty though! Black with pale pink flowers and pretty! And it doesn't look like crap on me which is even better! Yay!!!

After the Gap, we headed back to Paoli where we picked up lunch at Einstein Bagle (me) and Bravo Pizza (AH) before taking it back to her house. We ate lunch and then dealt with her computer :) I installed AIM for her so she can secretly communicate with people while NOT on AOL. Yay for AH!

I left around 3pm and dropped my pictures off at the 1hr photo at CVS Paoli. They asked when I wanted them back, I said, Monday, the guy said, they'd be ready in less than an hour so come back later. I headed out to KMart to get a photo album and then Borders' cause I am an idiot (admit it, I am an idiot). I finally got back to CVS at 5:30, got my pics, and went home. Honestly, I really don't remember much about the rest of the night. I think I read and watched Trading Spaces (or was that Sunday???) or something. Who knows???

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Well, Sunday happily started at the ungodly hour of 5:45am. I got up, drove to school, and got in another car to go to the horse show. We got to Delaware Valley College around 8am and waited around until they finally started the show. The indoor ring was freezing but I think I ended up sitting in there for a couple of hours before getting hot chocolate (which DIDN'T help). Anyway, I was the second to last class though I changed during lunch. Competed against Brandi. Anyway, they limited the people back by the entrance with the horses but Brandi and I stayed back there getting people on and stuff. Out of the way though. At one point Dee asked me to got run and find some girl from Temple so in my tall boots, I ran around searching for some girl who honestly didn't want to have anything to do with the message I passed on to her. Great. Anyway, finally it was my class and guess what? Even though Brandi and I helped people get on, they all (including out captain. cough. cough.) forgot about us. Not very nice. Anyway, some girl Sarah from Del Val was nice and gave me a leg up and helped with my stirrups and got me ready to show as well as holding all my stuff. Some Bucks girl got Brandi on. All I can say is, thanks team... haha. Anyway, I was on a red roan Buddy that Stacey and Acacia also rode. He was NICE. I was pretty happy with my show and ended up in 4th. Pretty good for the first time in 2B. Hey, I actually beat Brandi! That said, she had lead problems by the judge which may have hurt her. But still, happy for me!!!! Yay me! My first white ribbon! haha.

After the show, we tried to get home, but Shannon's keys were missing and her car was locked. Scary Del Val public safety people came by and tried to help, but they couldn't get the doors open. Finally, Stacey drove her car back and Shannon and Lauren stayed to wait for her keys to arrive. Ah well, made for an amusing afternoon. At least the show got out early. In fact, I even got home by 5:15 :)

Once home, I tried to write my english paper, but that didn't work so my english paper was not written. I got about a page before falling asleep watching Trading Spaces.

Monday, March 22, 2004

I woke up at 7, watched Alias on tape from last night and then attempted to write my English paper. I got a lot of it done before leaving for school. I ended up cutting history so that I could finish some of it up and print it out. After the hell that was English, I grabbed lunch and headed to Greylyn where I was bit in the butt by Fergie. How lovely. Gaaahhh. Anyway, viola after that and then back to to dorm where it was 34230948304958903458 thousand degrees. Did I mention Kat has mono? well, she does.

I'll finish this update later, maybe even within an hour, but right now I'm going to get breakfast and I don't want this to dissappear when I'm gone. Paranoia I know.

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