2002-09-13 : 9:48 p.m.
Rantings of people and their vacations that for some reason I should know about so that I can ask when they are heading to Bermuda.

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Ooooo. I changed the template. Now I'm captive even in my diary! Anyway, moving on.

I went out driving around the neighborhood today just because I felt like it. I was bored. What can I say? It was...interesting...or not.

Today was horrible. 3 test. Did horribly on 2 and need to finish my essay test for english tonight and e-mail it to her by 10am tomorrow. What fun. I'll spend 25 minutes and finish it tonight. Math quiz was a test in my mind. Art history quiz just showed that I suck. No more to say about the evil place called school.

I want to go to Devon tomorrow and watch whatever happens to be there. Whether mom will let me is another story, but I want to go. Hopefully I will be trusted to drive there by myself. Yeah right. I can only hope.

What else. Oh yeah. My rant. I almost forgot. This is directed to one person in particular today but I guess at times it's meant for others as well. I think that Eunice is the only one that has a clue what I'm talking about and even who I'm talking about so... I lost my train of thought. Also note, this is not directed to everyone but... ACK. Why the heck am I putting a disclaimer on MY diary. It's EXACTLY that. MY DIARY! So if you don't like it, don't read. Got it? I'm probably doing the exact same thing here that I'm ranting about by that is for reasons. As I said (or maybe I didn't), if you don't think is you, then most likely it's not.

If you have something to someone that you only want them to know, then that is your right and I'm fine with it. BUT don't go about having conversations about "it" when others are around that have no clue what is being spoken about and who are not exactly being spoken to about this either. And then when someone says something that is only slightly related to the subject and really has nothing to do with betraying a confedence (ie: mentioning the prom. Is it a crime to ask someone if they plan on going to the prom or even asking them if they plan on bringing a date? Since when is that anything to get defensive about?) It gets really frustrating after a while. I've spent most of the week trying to convince myself that I'm not paranoid and there aren't other conversations going on between the lines and I almost convinced myself about of that until something today. As I said to Cher, is it common to go up to people and ask if they are going to Switzerland? (or as she asked me, Venezuela?) Oh and people reading this, when are you leaving for Paris? After deciding that I wasn't paranoid I talked to Eunice who confirmed that I wasn't paranoid though that was all that she could do and I'm ok with that, but back to my rant. If you are going to have conversations with people and you don't want others to know what you're talking about (or that you are talking about something oooo "secretive") then just don't talk about it around other people because it just gets old after a while. I get to deal with that enough at home and I really don't need my so called "friends" to start doing that too. Yes I'm probably being selfish but it's my diary and I can if I want.

There. Rant over for now. I'm sure I'll have a new one soon or rather a contiuation of this one later, but that's all for now on this folks. You may now return to your regularly scheduled diary entry.

I'm going to Devon tomorrow since my mom agreed so that should be fun.

Did you know that I haven't been down to the basement in school in forever and then twice the same day I'm down there? What the heck? I went down after meisters so Emily could go to her locker and for some reason I agreed to come and then I went down with Eunice in the middle of seventh period so she could get her stuff and go home. BUT regardless of why I was down there, why did it have to be twice in one day? Add that to yesterday's visit to the basement and I... wonder what my point was suppost to be.

No more. I'm starting to lose any... direction of thought?

Are there times contagious

I've never been this bored before

Is this the prize I've waited for

"Now as the hour passing/ There's nothing left here to insure/ I long to find a messenger/ Have I got a long way to run/ Yeah...I run/ Is this a cure among us/ From this processed sanity/ I weaken with each voice that sings/ In this world of purchase/ I'm going to buy back memories/ To awaken some old qualities/ Have I got a long way to run/ Yeah...I run."

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