2003-02-23 : 2:56 p.m.
"she's anyone, anywhere"

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The usual...

Name: Sarah

Birthdate: 3-26-85

Location: The swamp that is Villanova

Sex: female

Height: 5'3.5"

Current Bands/Artists: Uh oh. I have 53 songs on the playlist and many different artists.... uh oh... Right now The Juliana Theory (August in Bethany [amazing], If I told you this was killing me, would you stop? [first ever juliana theory song], You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight [so awesome]) and Evanescence (My Immortal [such a friggin' amazing song], Won't Back Down [aaaahhhh]) and Fuel (won't back down) and the variety continues with the likes of Danny Wright, Handel, Eva Cassidy, and La Valase D'Amelie! Woohoo!

Clothing: sweatpants, arizona hooded sweatshirt

Accessories: watch

This or that...

Nice smiles or nice eyes? :: EYES

Jeans or skirts? :: jeans

Boots or sneakers? :: both

Natural or make-up? :: natural

Restaurants or fast food? :: restaurants

Italian food or Chinese? :: chinese.

Dark or light eyes? :: dark (blue and green and grey) rather than light blue and green

Streaked or dyed hair? :: dyed (but natural)

Vampires or Gods? :: God.

Shakespeare or Greek mythology? :: Shakespeare

Milk shakes or floats? :: milkshakes

Drugs or cigarettes? :: no

Football or cheerleading? :: Football

Cake or pie? :: cake


Do you want to die? :: Of old age.

Do you brush your teeth? :: the way you brush teeth

Much time do you take to dress up? :: hahaha... 5 minutes max as I realize I needa get up and go

Do you like your life? :: sometimes

Well do most people know you? :: not very well

Common or original is this survey? :: it's not

Often do you smile? :: too little. Smiling hurts!

Many times a week do you eat junk food? uh oh

Do you..

Sing? :: yeah

Dance? :: hell no

Laugh a lot? :: depends

Like spicy food? :: rarely but sometimes

Prefer bagels over yogurt? :: Bagels

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? :: nope

Want one? :: yes but not "anyone, anywhere" (Variations on a theme, The Juliana Theory)

Think babies are cute? :: uh huh

Children in general? :: uh huh

Believe in fortune cookies? :: uh oh.... they're almost gone! BTW, X-rated fortune cookies! LMAO!!!!

Believe in life after death? :: hmmm

Believe in life after love? :: hell yeah. you have to live for yourself

Believe that anything is possible? :: sometimes

Believe that everyone has a purpose in life? :: i hope

Know what yours is? :: no


You a girl? :: yeah

You a comedian? :: no

Your friends true friends in your opinion? :: uh huh

You bored? :: uh huh, make it stop


Your heritage :: Lithuanian, Jewish, Catholic, Quaker

Your usual outfit :: clothes

Your hair :: brown

Your eyes :: blue

What you'd like to change about yourself :: too much

How you would like to die :: happy

Your perfect mate (physical features) :: Michael Vartan.... lol


Are your weaknesses? :: oy vey

Are your fears? :: too much

Does your perfect pizza consist of? :: cheese

Is the difference between fate and destiny? :: uh huh. What, I don't always no, but there is a difference

Is one thing you would like to achieve? :: to make a point.


Do you love the most? :: my mom

Would you like to meet that you know online? :: horse people

Is the one person who makes you laugh the most? :: Gary. Laughing is not always good.

Really annoys you? :: uh oh...

Could you not live without? :: too many

Doesn't like you though you like him/her? :: hmm

Likes you though you hate him/her? :: hmmm


Hate too much of a strong word? :: no.

Food from other cultures good? :: yes

Your mood calm at the moment? :: i don't remember

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