2002-10-02 : 2:54 p.m.
The day and the life of a dead king. Or an alive idiot. Take your pic.

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Today, some random person came up to me (or rather the sushi) and asked me if I rode. I had no clue how they knew being the idiot that I am, but then just a few minutes ago when I was getting the mail it occured to me how they new: my bracelets. Well, that at least connected me to the horses. Lol. I am such an idiot. But you already knew that, didn't you? Beh.

"A pretty little picture, a face of you..."

So today... I was dead all day long. Proud of me? I had a deathly headache and thus I was not alive. Genetics... we watched a movie (on ALD) and it was extremely sad and depressing, but still good. Lorenzo's Oils, I believe. So sad though.

Then I had a Madrigal rehersal for tonight... Singing "Somewhere Out There" for Emily's memorial. Such a pretty song but Mrs. Christy has to ruin it with solos... beh.

After that was more singing, meisters. I'm standing on the 3rd riser...! Rather than tall people! Bwahahahaha! Not worth having to keep returning to hell... I mean school to sing. Got Madrigals after school tomorrow and have to be back at 6:30 for open house to sing yet again. Fun, fun. Add that tonight (though that's actually important) and oy.

"...I only write variations too..."

After that was lunch. I joined Euni at the amime table and sold sushi, fortune cookies, brownies, and such other crap. Was an amusing way to spend lunch plus I stole free (or actually not) sushi and eat that (plus my bagel which I forgot to eat for breakfast). People are ignorant and claimed that the sushi was raw. I'm sorry by SMOKED SAMON is NOT RAW. AHHHH! That was when I was approached randomly and asked about riding. I am an idiot though. We all know that. (note-- I keep trying to press Ctrl S to save this. More reasons that I am an idiot!). Then I went to art (with all the food cause even though I have nothing to do with any of it I got stuck with food till second lunch. Sold bunches during art though so there.

"...neither of you really help me sleep anymore; one breaks my body and the other breaks my soul..."

After that I went to Genuardi's and TJ Max but the latter had zilch. Nada. Crap. Oh well. I needed a black shirt but couldn't find one. I'll raid mom's closet. Then came home and have wasted my time since! Fun!!!! :)

Still need to do homework (beh!) before tonight. Joy. Hell is more like it. Have an art history test tomorrow (make up since I was sick yessterday & today for that matter) plus a pre-calc test or rather quiz which will probably last 45 minutes since it is McBride.

"Oh we try and try to cry baby cry..."

I can't wait for this weekend! Pure FREEDOM! Wahooo! Basically weekend = no grad project (since I finished my 67 pages and I'm proud of it! or not.) and I need a weekend to catch up on sleep (though yesterday did help a lot) but there is nothing like sleep to make a person happy. Sleep makes me so happy. I like sleep. In fact, I think I'll marry sleep.

Speaking of marriage. Stupid custom is women taking men's last name. I'm sorry but the universe doesn't revolve around men. Actually, according to some idiots, it revolves around republicans. Pure evil. Thanks to them we have incompetent people in office like Bush. I HATE Bush! Though you all know that. Sarah and Bush don't mix. Really, Bush in office does scare me. I just don't trust his brain (or lack there of one) and then there is his lack of intelligence (or rather none at all).... I just don't trust him, like him, respect him, oy. the list could go on forever and ever. I hate Bush! AKA Monkey Man.

"If you call, I will answer, if you fall, I'll pick you up, and if you call, this disaster, I'll point you home..."

What else to say? Not much really or I don't think

"It's a big girl world now filled with big girl things. And ever day, I wish I was small and I keep counting on nothing but he keeps giving me his word. And I am tired of hearing myself speak. Do you get weary? Do you ever get weak? And how do you dream when you can't fall asleep?"

I guess this is it. See ya.

"I used to think that I was special and only I have proved me wrong. I used to think that I could change the world with a song, but I have ended up in India with no map to guide me home. The strangest place that I think I have ever been. And all this time I though that we were friend. My stubborn will is learning to bend."

Mom just got home. Off to do math. Fun, fun. Remember, anorexic chickens shouldn't be mob boses.

"Don't close your eyes, they may not open..."

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