2005-06-07 : 11:24 p.m.
so i'll update

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I'm updating, happy?

Yes, Baskin Robbins and the barn are both sucking up all my time. That and sleep.

I also don't have anything to say.

Well, I've been home for basically a month. And, while I miss some stuff about school, I really don't miss it. I think I miss the obscure roommates more than anything. Who else would understand the importance of little green army men. Even more so, who else doesn't think it's odd to arrange them on trays and send them through with the dishes in the dinning hall or on my desk at home... but besides that, I am so happy to be home.

Ok so basically I have been slaving away at Baskin Robbins and the barn. I just worked 11 days in 2 weeks and six days in a row and 6 days last week. It's insane. I have started hating people again. Haha. That said, it's nice to be getting tips. I wish people didn't suck but when you can count on basically at minimum an extra $50 a week in tips, it ain't as sucky. Well, it still is, but it makes me try to complain less. haha.

Umm... What else? I'm suppose to start camp in a couple of weeks. I swear though i'll flip if it falls through. I'm honestly banking on that money as well as camp leading to other things. I just hope I didn't say something yesterday that'll jeopardize it...

Speaking of yesterday, NO ONE SHOULD EVER QUESTION MY DEVOTION TO THAT PLACE!!!!!!! Barb's in Florida so Deborah is teaching and I didn't plan to ride this week though i may on Friday, we'll see. Anyway, that's not the point. Here it THE POINT:

Yesterday it was really hot and humid, near 90 and probably the first real hot day. It got hot and hot fast so all the horses weren't used to it. The ponies, barney especially, looked awful and it broke my heart. Anyway, I was sweating to death and working my all off trying to get them all cool after lessons. It looked like rain so people tried to get stalls done but we were out of straw so they looked awful. All the boarders/stalled horses were outside so they needed to be brought in. Suzanne ended up riding at 7 while I worked and at around 7:30 the rain comes in buckets. 7:50 comes and there is a bang of thunder and we lose lights. So basically everything got done in the dark (till the power came back on) and we got to go out in the torrential downpours. It was awful. Got soaked. However they left Chikeepoo outside so Suzanne and Deborah got her and I put her away though she tried to kill me. Right as we were getting ready to leave (lights were already back on) I remembered we needed to brush Willey and I look in his stall and there are boards coming in at him. Chickeepoo kicked in the wall. We moved will to Loosey's stall since she's evidently not here anymore (yes, I missed something) and went in search of straw but couldn't find any. We ended up spreading what she had and taking the rest of the dirty bedding from Willey's stall and sticking it in the new stall. Ugh. The night was awful. I'm sorry but turning out horses in INSANE lightning and insane heavy rain isn't normal. I swear I'm still soaked.

In other news:

Disapprove of President Bush's performance

Approve of President Bush's performance

Approve of Iraq policy

Disapprove of Iraq policy

Of liberals say Bush isn't focusing on their concerns

I update. Happy, yes?

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