2004-02-03 : 9:50 p.m.
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I'm updating, again! Yay me! I'm actually getting into updating again! Ok, the excitement has ended.

First off, Happy February!!! It's grey, ugly, rainy, and in the 30s! It's actually reaching or at least coming close to reaching 40! I'm telling you, nothing could be better. I have never been happier to see February! Woohooo!

Ok, moving on. I want to lie and say that my life is wonderful, it's not. I'd even like to lie and say at the moment my life completely sucks, but it doesn't. Right now, my life is just what it is. Bland, boring, and all around ok. That said, at least it's a change from the crap I had to deal with last month.

Where to start? I went to Allentown on Friday to go see something, but I got lost on the way there thanks to map quest, but luckily I found my way and go there. However, at that point, it was light out. On the way home, being midnightish (well, 11:30), it wasn't so light. My directions were different as I was going home and not back to school so I made some adjustments from the mistakes on the way there, applyed them and went on my way. Except, I didn't get on the way I wanted. I got lost so I started again and followed the crappy directions and got lost and tried different crap and got lost. Finally, I gave up on my mission to find Route 100 and finally found 309. Ultimately I found the Turnpike (476N) and took that to 273W and got to 100N and got home, somepoint around...2am. Not fun, not fun I tell you.

What else? I went to Ryerss on Saturday like a good little volunteer. I was lazy too! Haha. 2 Saturdays in a row. I am very proud of myself! Yay! Ok, anyway, so I got in trouble there. haha. Let me get to that later. I went up and took pictures for Jo of Klancey and Finnigan and also got a few of Easy and Tanzer for Lisa. I'm in the process of getting prints for them, a couple 8x10s and a few 4x6s only because they're awesome. I actually took 104 pictures and like about 64 of them, so I'll say I did ok. The trouble bit let's say involves Kenny and will be explained later.

Ok what else? Sunday was pointless, though I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the "Rent" cd. I am officially obsessed with that cd. Really really really obsessed!

Ugh. need to restart the comp. I will finish this later. gaah

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