2004-01-28 : 9:14 a.m.
"you say that this is your life, well where is mine?"

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I seem to go through spurts, writing in this a lot, then not touching it for months. I don't know, I guess that's just how I am.

Well, despite all the horrible weather, I haven't had one class cancelled. Of course, that does not mean that I actually showed up to all my classes, but that's not the point. Monday was a hard day. Hahaha. The closed school yesterday evening starting at 4pm. You guessed it, all my classes were over by then. ha! what luck I have. Grrr. Then today they are openning 2 hours late. You guessed it, my first class is at 11, thus I have class. I tell you, there is a conspiracy againsts me, whether small or large, one DOES exist. And yes, I am paranoid.

So anyway I got up at 7:30 this morning, waisted time online, then finally forced myself to write a proposal for my cultural autobiography for remedial english (ha! I can't help it! That's what it feels like.) and that brings me to now. Exciting, right? Eh. No. Not exciting. So basically I am sitting here typing this and listening to a bunch of random music but my computer is NOT happy playing it from a cd (cd of MP3s) so I think eventually I'll have to transfer it to the computer itself. Grr... Of course, I'm sure that'll take forever. In the mean time, I'll see how much music I can manage to get through, maybe I'll read too.

I have class at 11, but I'm not prepared. Of course, that is only because I wasn't in class on Monday so... No excuse, I know, but I didn't want to rush with bad roads (which does explain me leaving at 11:30. Ooops.)... However, I did do my reading for modern euro, though I didn't read the hand out he handed, you guessed it, out. Missed that too. I did go to remedial English that day though! Yay me!

Yesterday I gave my speech in Public Speaking. As bad as I always think I am, I don't think it went that horribly! Go me! I know, I'm stretching it with things to say, but I want to wait awhile before eating breakfast incase I do infact have Greylyn today so I won't starve to death or something. I know, how optimistic I am. Joy.

I really want to go to Greylyn today! I just want to ride and be around horses and just... get out of here! I'm starting to feel stranded. You know what really sucks? Radnor has closed far too often this week, it's not fair! Gaaaahhh.

"oh well, goodnight" haha. I love Rent. Well, Rent is good when feeling depressed. Ha. Not that I'm depressed exactly, but you get the idea.

Oooh! Ryerss tomorrow! I get to bring my camera too! Jo Beth wants me to take pics of Klancey and Finn for her. I also need to get pics of Sundance, Mirage, Polos, Hank, and Frankie printed out for her. I'll print these ones, but likely will get the Finn and Klancey ones just printed out at CVS or something. Save my poor printer from up and dying on me.

Did I mention that I want to go to Greylyn today? Ooops. Well, I'm mentioning it again. I miss the abuse! haha. No clue if I have a equestrian team meeting tonight. Probably. Joy.

Ok, well, I think I'm just going to try and read for a half hour.

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