2003-09-06 : 6:29 p.m.
the past few days...part 1

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I guess I'll spend the greater part of this recaping the last several days (well, tuesday night on) so bare with me.

Well, as I wrote before, Tuesday was a crappy day. I really don't ever know why. I guess just because I didn't feel like being at school and I guess other reasons too. But nonetheless it was crappy. I did have a good time at dinner even though the food was...well, bad. I figured I'd be eating by myself but I noticed a girl from my community service, Jin, who is an exchange student from Korea and I ate with her and her roommate and I believe another girl who joined us later. I actually had a good time and it helped make up for my pathetic day. Still, overall it was a bad day.

On Wednesday I had my "wonderful" classes which I don't even feel like getting into. Part because I don't really remember anything other than the fact that I GET math! Woohoo!!!! The prof is still insane though. Bleeeeh. Anyway, after class I headed back to the room, got changed, ate something, and headed out to Greylyn to arrive shortly after 4pm to find out that I was the first catcher there. I gather tack and then headed out to the field to find Fergie and brought her back as Hannah arrived and went to get Wille. After tacking up and crap, I was sent to get Innuendo by Barb who also showed up. Then I also had to got the "wonderful" Malibu... grr... she wasn't all that bad though. Anyway, keep in mind that it had been raining and misty throughout the past several days and the grass was muddy... so the bottom (well, knee down) of my pants were covered in mud, manure, and water. gaaahh. So friggin' uncomfortable! Anyway, when Innuendo was getting tacked up, she sorta freaked and collapsed to the ground.... very odd but she may have been kicked or something which would explain her reaction to the grirth being put on... Anyway the all went up for the six o'clock lesson we all sat around in the tack room, putting crap away and such. Then I went searching for a saddle, talked with Mike and with Hannah for a while, laughed as Mike took on Hannah, telling her about the "retirement" farm all the horses have gone too (located "up"wards).... then I got to ride (Forsoythe again!) though I sorta sucked, but it's ok. Afterwards (keep in mind it was foggy as hell) I finished putting horses away, cleaning up, and then stood around talking with people until Alexis's ride showed up and Mike and Barb could finally leave. It was actually a pretty good day. As much as I complain about Greylyn, I really do enjoy it there. That said, I smelled like a horse afterwards, but it WAS worth it.

I know I'm only on Wednesday, but I need a break so maybe I'll comeback on tonight and write more. *side note* FUCK YEAH!!!! Roddick qualifies to the US Open finals!!!! This so helps make up for Agassi's loss today (I will cry, don't make me), THe guy with Cagney hair, Eunice El Anoyui (sp!!!), being knocked out yesterday, Martin falling to Ferrero who then knocked Agassi out and now will be seaded no. 1, and Federer's loss to the guy Roddick actually managed to beat after falling 2 sets to from the start of the match. See I'm not a Roddick fan per say though he is cute (FEDERER!!!! haha!!!), but I can't help hating Nalbandian whom he beat. Actually, Roddick is a damn good player. Hopefully he'll win! My biggest frustration isn't so much that Davenport lost in the semis to Kim Clijsters as I was expecting that, but instead that Jennifer Capriati whom I don't like as much as Lindsay Davenport lost to Justine Henin-Hardenne after she had a chance to win in the second set and lost her serve and Henin-Hardenne pulled up from being down 5-3, but then she did the same damn thing in the 3rd and ultimately lost the tiebreaker (7-4) but dammit! she so could have won and just lost it! That said, it was some of the best tennis I have ever seen on the womens side in HISTORY! Still bummed that Pete made his retirement official during this Open... I knew he would, but god, he's my favorite player...such a nice guy too. At least he's happy...

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