2004-02-11 : 11:12 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday Recap

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Current Rant: People who don't show up to lessons when horses are tacked up waiting for them.
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Ugh so I should be doing homework, but I'm lazy and therefore I am not doing homework. However, I will get to that later. Hold on.

So I haven't really written in a day or so. I really am proud of myself! Now I get to recap! Yay!! Except I don't have a clue where to start.


After I left my entry I headed to speech class to find that my pregnant professor finally was in the hospital so that they could induce labor and we had our sub-prof. We spent the beginning of class introducing ourselves to him and that was good because it wasted a hell of a lot of time. However, after that and receiving our time slots for the next speech (I'm on the last day, the tuesday after next) so I'm happy because I'm lazy and don't feel like being prepared quite yet... where the hell was I? Oh yeah. Instead of lecturing like Dr. Holderman did, he had more of a discussion class where it was imperative that the material assigned to read have been read. It really kind of sucked. So anyway, I'm going to have to start reading so I don't end up looking like an idiot when he calls on me. Anyway, the class finally ended, I got lunch, and headed off to Ryerss.

However, nothing was to go as smoothly as I had hoped. I was stalked by a cop while I approached the place, first stopping at home to get stuff. Anyway, the cop followed me up Chestnut Hill and then when I was back on old Ridge, was in front of me, pulls over to the side, and proceeds to pull out and follow me as soon as I pass him. He luckily didn't follow me into the drive at the farm, but damn, that was scary. Anyway, I get there and find Andy was there, so I sat in the office talking, or really listening, for a while as Jo, Lisa, and Andy talked. Then I passed on my cop story and Jo Beth and I talked about speeding tickets. Emily and Nancy were there so we all headed up to the other barn and brought in before bringing in at the main barn. Homey decided to be an idiot and kicked, well, is leg kicked, over his water bucket... ugh. I filled the baby water and the front water before doing buckets and harassing Dancer for a minute. I'm definitely going to go over to Jo Beth's to take pictures of Irish and Murray for her some Tuesday or Sunday when the weather is good. She said she'd pay me, which isn't necessary, but it's up to her. I love being appreciated, or at least having my photography appreciated. Anyway, I headed back to school after that and changed before a certain individual and "friend" came back to nap. I was attempting to write a paper, but wasn't very successful. Ah well, talked to Eunice for far too long instead. They finally left and I worked on the hellish paper and ate dinner and watched tv and worked more. Got to bed around 1 which wasn't so nice, but oh well.

Today (Wednesday)

I got up around 9ish which was quite good and wasted a crap load of time before getting breakfast and heading to class. French was a waste of time, though I need to remember to study for the quiz on Friday at somepoint tomorrow. Then I had Euro which wasn't so great as we watched some TLC thing on Darwin and Evolution, but afterwards we moved onto Freud and talked about dreams which was good. Then it was remedial english which started off with joke telling time (i don't like the prof... he's an idiot) then discussion of stuff relating to writing. He ends of saying that if we want, we can turn the paper in on Friday instead. Ugh. I wouldn't have tried to finish it had I known... Oh well. And he didn't check our damn porfolios either. Someone gave me theirs to turn in and he never collected it so I'm stuck bringing both hers and mine on friday. Oh well, at least the class came to an end.

Anyway, after that I kidnapped a bagal sandwich out of the dinning hall to take to Greylyn with me. It was fun sneaking into a container without them noticing. Ugh. But I got it out and next week I'm bringing a few to take with me and share with people because we all know that I AM a nice individual. :)

So I moved on to Greylyn to only find Hannah there and no Tara. She showed up but we now know her first lesson isn't till 4:30. Ah well. So we got tack ready until Mike and Barb showed up. Evidently I am no longer a communist. That is a positive! It's nice not to be a communist. However, there is a bad side. Now, I am a terrorist and I think that may be worse than being a communist. (Disclaimer: I am not a terrorist, but evidently taking French makes me one in Mike's eyes as all french people can say is "puh puh I hate america"... don't you love the drama?) My life is so screwy. Anyway, we got horses tacked them up, people took lessons while others never showed, untacked horses and put tack away. Typical day. I rode at 7, but talked to Barb afterwards and she said eventually I can move to the 8 lesson which is good. If she gets rid of me, then she can move Devon to 7 from 6 and all will be much better. Of course, there are already 3 people at 8 (Alexis and 2 beginners, one who just started today) and Alexis isn't happy about that. As crappy of a mood as last week. Ugh. Barb made a sarcastic comment about that and got the evil eye. Anyway I'm going to start taking lessons on Fridays with Barb as well so I'm happy about that. We complained about people a lot in the tack room after while checks were being dealt... actualyl quite amusing. But I mentioned my lesson on Friday and I think that it's likely I may get to start jumping a little higher so ::crosses fingers::

Anyway, I had to spend more money and get gas before I drove back to campus. Now that the prices have gone up again, I'm not happy, especially having to get gas at least 1X a week. It really sucks.

I get back here and waste time bc of the internet... filled out a survey yumi sent me and then checked sites and ended up here. I had planned to do all this other stuff, namely reading, and it doesn't seem like it'll get done. I am so lazy sometimes it's not even funny.

Tomorrow I have a Dee lesson. Someone help me PLEASE. I am afraid that I'm going to freak out and it's not good. I really don't want to go but what choice do I have. I guess it'll be worth it if I get to ride on Friday, but I won't know unless I don't here that I don't have a lesson (if that makes any sense?)...

Well, I think I'm going to at least change my sheets and then get to sleep. I need to wake up tomorrow, shower, read crap for speech, and then CLEAN OUT MY CAR. I need to fit Marie, Krystal, and Acacia in there and right now I am lucky if I fit in there. Not good, not good I tell you.

Well. Goodnight. And be nice friends and leave me comments :)

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