2004-09-09 : 11:35 a.m.

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So I�m back and all that crap. Exciting, I know. Joy. Oh well.

I don�t know, I�m just in a never-ending crappy mood. It�s not that I�m constantly in a crappy mood; it�s just that whenever I�m not, I seem to get in one again. Joy. I was actually doing ok yesterday, but today, no. Well, never mind. I was doing ok yesterday, but that changed thanks to the barn. I�m telling you, that place can either make or break my day. Back to the question, do I miss Mondays? Well, that wasn�t the question, but it is a question I�ve been asked lately. After yesterday, yes I do. I got there around 330, it was raining, what a shock?! Everything was fine and all until the first horse came that we couldn�t catch. Have I mentioned that I�m going to kill Girlfriend? Well, I am. Anyway, everything was behind, I was running around like a crazy person, didn�t get to ride, left at 945. Insane and fucking awful. I had the chance to ride at the end of the night, but fuck, I just wanted to get out of there as soon as I can. If I rode with the 830 lesson (which may not have been an option) then I wouldn�t have gotten tack cleaned or horses turned out or anything, plus I�d have gotten out far later than I did. If I rode after the last lesson, well then I�d probably still be there then. I was tired, had work to do� basically, I was completely screwed. Now I have yet another lesson that I get to add to my stack of lesson.

Anyway, my crappy mood from last night has joyfully carried over till today. Woohoo. Ugh. What can I say?

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