2002-10-26 : 8:14 p.m.
"...and it's Valponi by 6 and a half!..."

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What a day, what a day. It was actually kind of crappy. Oh well... So many highs, so many lows. Ah man, I cannot do this!

Distaff - Ok, Azeri is for real. I doubted her because she was only in Cali not beating much, but she is awesome! I'm not jumping on the bandwagon because she still isn't a favorite of mine, but she IS good and for real! Azeri for HOTY! She is the only one deserving of the honors, as much as it pains me to say it. Go Azeri! Second and third were Farda Amiga (way behind Azeri) and Imperial Gesture (nose behind Farda who beat her nearing the wire). I nearly got a dead heat for second, lol. I still love them, they're my babies, but clearly Azeri was better. I hope the both comeback strong and kick ass next year! I still think that either Farda Amiga or Imperial Gesture should get 3yo filly honors, but I'm afraid You will get them. You is good, but she has had to many races in need of throwing out. Farda has had one and Gesture has had one (not today's) and I don't actually think they were bad today, just not as good as Azeri.

Juvenile Fillies - Storm Flag Flying is BRILLIANT! Are they sure she is a 2YO? She could have been Personal Ensign herself! Wow! I am a believer! I only wish Awesome Humor had been there... I would have loved Strom Flag Flying vs Awesome Humor! But she just showed a hell of a lot of heart! I thought she was beat and she just plowed down to the wire. WOW. That is talent. And quite scary. Shit. Ruby Reception was dead last, but I still think she is beautiful with a heart warming story! A little filly for the little guys!

Mile - Oh god, Landseer. I sat there crying. His leg was just HANGING there. Oh fuck. Dear god. Shit. He did NOT deserve it. He was too good to die. Poor Landseer. The Rock lost nothing by losing; he was passing horses left and right and just ran out of room. Rocky was the best out there. Forbidden Apple is a BEAUTIFUL horse! Man! Landseer. I just can't let it go. Oh fuck! Poor, poor thing. His last minutes in so much pain. I'm just going to cry again. The image of Edgar Prado just sitting there on the turf was so heart breaking. Poor Landseer. May you race with angel wings.

Sprint - Orientate is ever bit of the champ he deserves to be. Go Orientate! My others had crappy races, but still, go Orientate! It was also nice seeing Wake At Noon again! 2002 Canadian Sprinter of the Year! W00t! Xtra Heat, not her day...

F&M Turf - Starine. I love her! I just fell in love with her. She is amazing! And BEAUTIFUL! Greys are the BEST! Great for Bobby... he deserves his OWN horse to be in the winners' circle!

Juvenile - Vindication won impressively! He is good, but a Baffass horse that I still can't be all that impressed with. Sorry. Bull Market was 4th!!!! I am falling in love with him! I don't care if he is a Baffass horse cause I love him! Imature and will improve with age! w00t! Yeah! Go Bull Market! Whywhywhy did not run well at ALL. Crap. Why oh why not? The Misspelled Flyer was bad as well. I love him too though! Go Misspelled Flyer! (aka Toccet)

Turf - High Chaparral was good winning it, but I still wanted the beautiful WITH ANTICIPATION to win it! He is good and I love him too!

Classic - God what a depressing race! Came Home was 10th and evidently pulled up. He better be all right or I will... Errr... He has an excuse in my mind. He is just too good to have that crappy of a race. War Emblem has NO HEART. He was 8th and sucked. He doesn't like this racing thing... Medaglia did ok, but was flat. Finished second. 6.5 lenths behind the winner, a neck in front of the 3rd horse... Bill got up for 6th. Evening Attire was 4th. Harlan was 9th... but the winner.... VALPONI! SHIT! WHAT AN UPSET! 43.5-1! Paid $89.00 to win! Shit! $28,603.90 for the superfecta! Now I didn't guess that but I should have and I should have bet it so that I could afford car insurence! lol... Go Valponi! 6.5 length winner! He... just so shocking! He really found his calling. Wow. Good for him!!!!!


Over all, I am deflated. I am upset about Landseer and I am worried about Came Home and I am sick of Baffass and I just wish the day had better outcomes...

RIP Landseer

"...just my imagination, running away from me..."

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