2005-02-26 : 9:47 p.m.
from weezer

Current Song: Y100 Rocks! at radio 365
Current Rant: no y100
Current Obsession: fight!

From a post on weezer.com

"...in a different, disturbing note, we've learned that Philadelphia's Y-100 radio station, a HUGE weezer supporter over the years, has unexpectedly been forced off the air! You can help try and get it back on, go to this website and sign the web petition! Y-100 played weezer more than virtually any other radio station and has had the band on twice for its famous 'Sonic Sessions'. Please help save it (and good music on the radio in general!)"

I got to say, the DJs are now on Y100 Rocks! at radio 365 and it's fuckin' awesome. Massive amounts of sonic session songs plus amusing djs!

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