2004-02-16 : 8:44 a.m.
White Oleander

Current Song: Toby Barking
Current Rant: It's monday and I have to go to school
Current Obsession: White Oleander

Just so you know, White Oleander is a fucking awesome movie. ahhhh. I'm obsessed. I think this is taking the place of Life as a House as MY movie!

So I decided to be the ultimate idiot and watch far too many movies this weekend. On Sat I saw Intollerable Cruelty (I love that movie too) and ate chocolate covered strawberries because my mom is incredibly kind. Sunday I watched Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde and then White Oleander 2x (1x without commentrary, the second time with). My mom wants me to leave it here for her, but I probably won't so that I can watch it again this week. Hehe. She can see it when I get home Saturday night.

I wrote an entry earlier this weekend, but managed to delete it so... ugh.

Well, need to get ready to go, but Alias was awesome as usual, just as long as they DON'T go down the path of Sloane is really Sydney's father. Ugh. Don't go there!!!

I'll write about White Oleander another time.

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