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Yeah so I haven't updated lately so I think I'm going to change that and write a whole hell of a lot right now.

I'm so happy that it's president's day weekend. A 4 day weekend, though half over, is enough to make me one of the happiest people on earth right now, I really am.

Last week was all block days which really kind of sucked but it also meant that I got to come home early twice. That said I also had a block of gym which killed me for that day. All in all, the week wasn't that bad though having to give my bioethics presentation 2 days early because it tied in with what we were talking about was not a high point. Oh well. C'est la vie. Life is life. Riding was pretty awesome on Wed. even though I really and truly sucked. I think I owe that to getting to ride Forsuthe because he's young, green, and I guess showed I'm better than I think. I need that sometimes, I really do. When I got home mom asked me why I never opened my Arcadia letter and I realized I had never even seen it. It turns out I qualified for acedemic based scholarship which was quite a plus in the week. That and grandma was thrilled which is nice as it makes me feel important which I often lack. Thursday in school flat out sucked. Eunice was sick, Susan was in Florida, and I had a class in every single test. Ok, that didn't work. Test in every class. I think I survived vocab, blew art history, and hopefully did rather well in math. After school was madrigals and I was really only me as Oksana and Pegah were gone most of the time and susan was in FL. I did spend much of the time (before and after) talking to Catherine who is uber nice so that was good. Plus I got flowers from Megan and Eunice even though valentine's day kinda suck when one's single. Oh well, thanks... ER valentine's day proposal was cute... OOOOOOHHH!!! West Wing. Donna and Josh were just too damn cute! Good cop! Lol. Snow balls at window was cute! They have so much chemistry. wow. That said, Charlie had some of the greatest lines. I love Charlie. So did Josh and all know that I love him too! I think that's all for the tv...

so there we have it. THat brings me up to date with yesterday! Woohooo! I wasted much of yesterday but got into West Chester. Not that I even care all that much. I don't want to go. I went to see "How to lose a guy in 10 days" and it was very cute. I seriously want to see it again as a result of the cuteness factor. Is it bad that I was getting very teary-eyed? Well, I admit it, I was! I loved that movie! My new favorite 10 movie beating out 10 things I hate about you? Yep! So I came home after the movie and getting lost. Yes, directionless sarah got lost! What a shock! I just got screwed up. Turned the wrong was on to 252 and ended up in chester county. lol. got back to R. 3 and went onto it instead of going the right way on 252... oooops. So going completely in the wrong direction I found Sproul Rd and an arrow pointing to Villanova and in the end, my 15 minute drive lasted and 45 and I arrived home! Yay me!

Today started out by waking up to 2" of snow and an unplowed street. Glenny called my house which freaked me out but I survived and alas arrived at pit ON TIME. Wow. That is a shock. I suck but tis ok. I had fun though despite the pain from hell in my back. Then I relived the end of HMS Pinafore and scary pinafore singing people on stage singing.... don't ask, I don't get it either. Then I came home and went out to see Chicago and Daredevil. Yes, both. Chicago was so friggin' awesome! I loved it and would love to see it again. Daredevil was good, just not what I expected. It wasn't fun to see JG die and she really didn't have too big of a part. Poor Electra... And then Matt aka Daredevil was also in need of sympathy. It was worth seeing and I will admit to liking it despite some sucky moments. The movie was definitely a romantic chick flick despite not seeming like it would be. I must say, it wouldn't be the same without the added love scene. I liked the effects too so good! I don't see how they can do a sequal on Electra though... who knows... Oh yeah leaving the parking lot and got screamed at by this lady whose family was crossing the street even though it wasn't my fault (a. couldn't see her as a result of tall SUV obstructing my view and b. just because there is a cross walk doesn't mean that you can just cross if cars and moving up and down road. Idiots.) I almost cried coming home. I don't know, that's me. Then I got lost! Turned the wrong way on Goeshen this time but when I realized it, there were no roads for a while to turn around on so I drove a while before finally becoming able to turn and get on the right side of Goeshen. I got home though and it didn't take me 45 minutes either so that's quite an improvement.

So that was today and now I'm home and trying to waste time till SNL is on since JG is hosting. No alias tomorrow which is a complete bummer. I'll probably have to rewatch "A New Beginning" "Double Agent" and the newest Alias eppy that escapes my mind by name in order to get over not seeing it. I have M i c h a e l V a r t a n clips to watch too which is good and they are so damn cute! He's so damn shy too! Ahh. I'm in love. Yeah really. Oh a huge age difference won't matter ::rolls eyes::... yada yada.

It should snow tomorrow, monday morning but at this point I have no idea how much. Lemme go check... lemme first add that I am so obsessed with Alias. It's probably not healthy. It can't be. Oh well.

Weather newsflash:

Chief meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz says we can look forward to a major storm Sunday.

For that reason, the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for all the areas south and east of Philadelphia.

That warning includes Philadelphia County, Delaware County up to Lancaster County, all of Delaware and all of southern New Jersey.

The winter storm watch continues to the north and west and we expect this area to be upgraded to warning. They are going get it, but later on.

Coastal flooding warnings and a gale warning are in effect for the offshore waters.

The event Saturday morning was kind of a nuisance compared to what is to come. We got anywhere from one to three inches.

A huge area of moisture is moving into our area gradually through the day Sunday. We could get eight inches or more in the Philadelphia area and as much as 10 inches further north. Along the Jersey shore snowfall amounts should be about six inches before it is all over with.

We'll have updates throughout the weekend on storm #2. So stay tuned to NBC 10 News.

Text Of Winter Storm Warning

POSTED: 2:40 p.m. EST February 14, 2003

UPDATED: 8:23 p.m. EST February 15, 2003


Urgent - Winter Weather Message National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 445 PM EST Sat Feb 15 2003

1000- Camden NJ-Cecil MD-Coastal Ocean NJ-Delaware PA-Eastern Monmouth NJ- Gloucester NJ-Kent MD-New Castle DE-Northwestern Burlington NJ- Ocean NJ-Philadelphia PA-Salem NJ-Southeastern Burlington NJ- Western Monmouth NJ-

...The National Weather Service Has Issued A Winter Storm Warning Through Monday...

Snow Will Begin In Earnest From South To North Late Sunday Morning Into Early Sunday Afternoon And Continue...Heavy At Times...Into Monday. Some Mixing With Sleet...Freezing Rain...And Rain Is Expected Monday Afternoon...But Precipitation Will Change Back To All Snow Monday Evening. By Late Sunday Night...8 To 12 Inches Of Snow Is Expected Over Most Of The Area.

Strong Northeast Winds Will Accompany This Storm As It Moves Up The Coast. This Could Cause Blowing And Drifting Snow. Travel Will Be Difficult. Postpone Any Travel That Is Not Absolutely Necessary. By Staying Off The Roadways...Highway Crews Are Better Able To Keep Roads Passable So Emergency Vehicles May Still Travel.

Stay Tuned To Noaa Weather Radio Or Your Local Media For The Latest Information On This Major Winter Weather Event.

Ack! Shit. THAT'S a storm! Wow.

"I know what darkness means, the isolation stings...you took my everything. I won't back down..."

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