2004-02-17 : 3:34 p.m.
The white oleander saga continues

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Current Obsession: white oleander

The biggest question is where do I start? That always seems to be the biggest question. Of course, that�s not a bad thing; it�s probably a good thing, knowing where to start. See if I don�t have a clue where to start, I end up with rambling such as the mess that is right here. I�m sure everyone is thrilled when I start things out with complete pointless ramblings.

I have become completely obsessed with White Oleander and I�m not completely sure why. I watched the movie Sunday afternoon for the first time and just fell in love with it. It just had so much mystery and emotion to it and symbolism. So after watching it for the first time, I watched it again with the commentary by the director as well as other people such as the author of the novel and the author of the screenplay at selected times. As they spoke, the alluded to the fact that many of the lines of the film were taken directly from the novel so I decided that not only was I going to buy the DVD, I was going to read the book.

I started re-watching the film again yesterday afternoon when I should have been in class, except I was so tired that I decided that Euro and remedial English weren�t worth my time or energy. I�m such a good student, aren�t I? Yes, I know I should go to class, but I stuck it through French that was good enough for me that day. Haywood could care less if I show up and I didn�t feel like dealing with Derik�s wonderful English class, which makes me question college in general. So I first went to the dining hall (I have actually started going! Aren�t you proud of me? I�m actually eating the food they serve and not relying whole-heartedly on sandwiches from the CHAT...) and ate a meatball sandwich that was surprisingly edible, had a glass of orange juice, and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone (talk about healthy�). I came back to the room and after wasting time on the internet, started re-watching White Oleander for what is becoming the third time in a grand total of a day or two. Of course, I haven�t finished yet and it is 3:48 on Tuesday afternoon, but that isn�t my point here.

At around 2:30 I ran out to Greylyn and worked for a while. Kelly was there to catch so that was good, but she bothers me sometimes. Oh well, at least it wasn�t just me. We sat around wasting a lot of time too. She�s going to be leasing Forsooth and I�m NOT thrilled about that, but what can I do? She claims I can still ride him, but who the hell knows.

After Greylyn I managed to stay completely productive. I stopped at Blockbuster and picked up my very own copy of the White Oleander DVD which is currently lying in my car since the Blockbuster copy is currently in my DVD drive and I don�t want to mix them up. I then stopped at the gas station, charged my gas to my mother who is going to kill me, but I didn�t have cash (thanks to the movie) and they didn�t take ATM cards at the pump. Of course, after I stuck the credit card in I saw the whole ATM inside sign so I went in and got money just so I had some in my wallet and so that I good obviously spend more. I am such a horrible child sometimes. I know I am. Anyway, my journey continued onto the Bryn Mawr Borders� so I could pick up a copy of the book version of White Oleander. I told you, I am currently very obsessed!

I got back to school and went down to the CHAT to get dinner and ended up waiting over a half an hour to get my damn grilled cheese and tomato sandwich because the person at the grill was a complete idiot. I took it back to the room, wasted more time on the internet, and then watched a little more of White Oleander. I then got into bed and started reading the book. It was kind of freaky doing that only because as I read, I could here the voice of the girl who played Astrid in the film talking. The book, while far more detailed, is so close to the movie it isn�t even funny. I feel like I�m reading the movie. It is just awesome. As of now I am only about a third into the 400 some pages, but it�s so worth it. It is one of those books that the words and the writing are just so amazing that you have to make sure each and every word is read and savored. The novel is completely awesome. I spend lunch today in the dining hall just reading for over an hour curled up at a corner table away from the world. I want nothing more than to be able to write like this incredible author.

Well, I�ll write more later, but I have a Scotland meeting in 50 minutes and I would like to read a little more before that. I will finish my White Oleander description eventually.

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