2003-07-28 : 6:39 p.m.
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So it started with an accidental phone call from Trevor and Jo Beth trying to call the office at Ryerss, a hang up thinking they'd dialed some random person, and me informing her later that it was me. Why is my phone # so close to Ryerss, see that's what scares me.

I am so damn tired. I don't know why. I really didn't do all that much yet my feet hurt, my back hurts, I hurt, and my brain hurts. I'm just so tired. I'm sure viola will make me feel better. ha.

I know I should really sit down and WRITE but I fear that this entry will simply be a whole lot of nothing. Just random sentence fit together to form paragraphs with little to no meaning. Just like this one!! YAY! grr.

So I saw "Seabiscuit" on Friday and I can't help being so disappointed. It was good, but I hoped for so much and it just, well, fell short. I need to see it again now that I had this reaction so maybe I'll think differently in the end. Who knows? I'll still buy the DVD anyway as it was a racing movie and Gary Stevens was VERY good. Haha.

I miss Bobby still. Nuff said about that. I miss him and still really don't realize he's gone. Hope he's doing well wherever he is.

Saw Pirates again with Miyako and Eunice on Saturday. Was still quite good, but I REFUSE to fall in love with Orlando Bloom, the tween sensation. Grrr... Bitter, bitter, bitter.

After Seabiscuit Friday, Miyako, Ohnmar, Eunice, Megan, and I sat on Megan's porch in the dark talking about PPD tests and college and somewhere along the way we realize that EUNICE IS GOING TO STANFORD!!!! YAY FOR EUNICE! WOOHOOO!!!! Yet she didn't tell us BECAUSE? Grrr.

I'm trying not to be annoyed with people but sometimes it is so hard. I just can't help it! It really bothers me about me. I bother myself. My reasoning bothers me.

Wednesday should be *fun* or rather deadly. I am not looking forward to it yet I can't wait. What is wrong with me? Too much fresh air I believe.

I should be going to viola. More random sentences to come later. Or not.

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