2003-09-01 : 10:14 p.m.
i leave for a week and it all went to hell....

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Well, this is going to be a combo of stuff I've written to other people in addition to other stuff so if you've read some, you have NOT read it all. K? Some of the stuff is stuck between familiar paragraphs, some of which have additional ends...

Well, I'm still at home and I figure I'll get back to school tomorrow AM in time for my first class at 10:20am. I'm not in any rush as I enjoy being at home with my own room and my own bed and my mom and my dogs... I miss it here when I'm at school so atleast I get weekends home:) I honestly don't think I could do without weekends at home. This is for a number of reasons. While I do miss my mom and everything, I also feel so deprived of the horses. I get to see some horses on Wednesdays when I work at Greylyn and while it is 4-5 hours with horses, I really don't have the connection with Greylyn's horses as the guys at Ryerss. There aren't any Bobbys (not that he's alive anymore...) or Dancers or Kates or Meshulas or even Frankies, Polos, Texs, or Monkeys! It just isn't the same. I love horses all the same but it isn't the same. I can't go around calling Greylyn's horses by names like Andruck (combo of Andre and Yuck) and Tonzork (Tonzer and Dork though I can't call him that when Lisa is around...) and Donnie Dimwhit or his other name, Donkey which is soon to be Jack Ass (that would be Don...) grr... It just isn't all the same. I miss my horses so much! And Toby! And my mom... I also miss having my own room and my own bed that isn't 90000 ft off the ground... grrr....

Because I promised the story of Ryerss on Saturday to Susan, I'm going to add that now so that I can get to bed soon. I'm so tired!!! ahh.. Anyway I went to Ryerss on Saturday and it was only Jo Beth, Hailey, and Melissa plus Lisa when she showed up to see her horses for a few minutes. Anyway for some god awful reason Hailey was complaining about her chest or rather lack there of and said that with men the bigger the feet the bigger the... you get my point. So anyway she said something like the when a man puts together his first finger on each hand that's his size. So she tells Kenny of all people (kenny = the sheep bandit = the pervert... aka Heller) to do that, but I couldn't watch (though unlike Jo I didn't hide behind a bottle of water so that I couldn't see, I just didn't look.) and then gets the rest of the guys to do it too. Andy has small hands but Jo Beth was nice and told him he'd make some woman very happy one day and that led him to turn bright red. Though Andy really is quite cute AND is only 17... haha... Anyway when we were sitting the office Jo suddenly starts talking about how when she was 19 someone sent her an adult catalogue and she and her mother sat around looking though it. If hearing all that wasn't bad enough especially after the previous discussion (only some of which I actually got into as I don't think I could even write half of what went on) she goes on saying that once you got to the men's section, they actually had pictures showing how everything worked. She couldn't say what they all were though lucky me I got "well, I could tell you Sarah as your of age but no one else is.." Thank god. I really didn't want that many details Jo Beth... But anyway for some reason talking about this magazine got JB laughing histerically, so hard that she not only could talk but that she was literally bawling so hard that tears were streaming down her face for atleast 5 minutes. I then started laughing as did Hailey and Melissa, but then of all people to walking in at that point of time, who walked in? Kenny. So you've got all of us almost crying we're laughing so hard, JB who is crying she's laughing so hard and then Kenny walking in which leads Jo to start hitting her head against the desk... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time (though some of those time we all sat around laughing at Kenny do come somewhat close). But anyway all of that plus the part I left out were the make up of Sex Ed, Ryerss Style. That was this week, I wonder what next week will be? Maybe another round of Flirting 101 taught by Jo Beth? Haha.

So today I spent the day out in the somewhat rainy whether at Philly Park for the PA Derby. I met up with Nikki and Robin and saw Stef a couple of times but she was off with other people. It was fun, but cold as I only had my t-shirt. Why didn't I grab a sweatshirt? Grr.. I took 4 rolls of film so if I'm as good about getting them developed and scanned as I was my Ryerss pictures, I'll sent them to you soon. If I'm as bad as last year, come March they may be developed. Haha. Yeah. That wouldn't be good. After the Derby, I headed back with Nikki to see her horses (she's a groom/ hot walker at Philly Park and her family owns 2 horses and she works with about 8) and that was fun. With the exception of All Star (Heynow I'm All Star) they are all so sweet! All Star tried to bite me. Grrr... Plus they had kittens and bunnies and baby bunnies and roosters and chickens! It was quite amusing. Too bad I can't technically get onto the backside unless I hide away in other peoples cars.

Anyway what else? My roommate is gay... Yeah, it's mighty interesting with her SI Swimsuit calender around. Just plain strange. It's fine that she's gay I just could do without the pictures hanging around. Grr... she is into Anime too. What the hell is with me and people into anime? I don't like it, get it, watch it, and basically people I am associated with are obsessed! Ahhhh! It bothers me so much! That said, she is an ER fan so not all is bad.

Um on Sunday my mom and I went to the Ludwig Corner Horse Show and man do I wish I was better than I am. I got a funky tan and burned for the first time all summer when I've been out side for hours on end and then Sunday was only out for a couple of hours... makes no sense. then we went to Aunt Helen's for dinner and that was both good, amusing, and quite fun.

Anyway, that's all for now. I am so damn tired and my arms sorta hurt from bedding down a row and a half of stalls all my myself on Saturday... OH YEAH!!! The foals come this week! I so need to cut class and go see them! Ahhh!!!

sleep though is the most important thing now...


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