2005-02-25 : 10:26 p.m.
I guess this is goodbye to y100

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You know what? I hate Radio One. I hate Radio One.

Yesterday, 2/24/05, WPLY 100.3, aka Y100 was taken off the air by Radio One. Honestly, I'm not sure why. It was sudden too. I was listening Wednesday night and they were talking about contests and stuff. On Thursday, y100 was no more.

It's really the only station i listen to on a regular basis. I can't stand so many other stations because of all the pop and crap so... there are no other alternative rock stations in Philly. I'm pissed off. Anyway, 100.3 is now all hip hop all the time. We've got Pookey in the morning. AHHHHHH!!!!

Now, there is a movement to save y100 so go to Save Y100

Very upset. I can't take change like this. Plus I drive too much and listen to the radio TOO much. What am I to do???????

From the blog:

Friday, February 25, 2005

thanks to all.
I almsot don't know what to say... what a roller coaster the past 48 hours have been! I just wanted to jump on here to say thank you... to the great, soulful, trememdous staff of Y100, who has exhibited courage and love to a degree I never thought possible in a 'workforce,' to the outpouring of support from our peers (like Pierre Robert but also many many many others that have reached out to us and hope we will get another chance), but mostly, to the great listeners of Y100. I never knew I had so many friends. Today I feel truly blessed. For now, the revolution is not televised, nor does it travel thru the air via radio waves (unless you have a wi-fi connnection!) - the revolution is in bytes and data streams and it's being fought on the web with petitions, in chat rooms, and cyberspace. BIG thanks to the selfless staff of www.Y100Rocks.com who have provided us with a place, a home, and also - a radio station! Over the next few days we will try to fill it with more music and love than anything you can currently find on the radio dial... Jim McGuinn - ex-Program Director, Y100.
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Contact Caseyboy...
Hey...this is Casey Boy...sad Casey Boy. It was really touching to see what people have written, and how you all feel. I never realized what we've done over the years has made such an impact. Thank you all for your kind words. I've had a few beers...blah blah blah...here's my civilian e-mail address: [email protected] Thank you! -Casey "Boy"
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Thursday, February 24, 2005



please help us save y100.

Thank you.

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See ya!
On behalf of Preston, Steve, Casey, Kathy, and myself, thanks for everything! Don't be afraid to check out www.prestonandsteve.com from time to time to see what we're all up to. We'll see you again real soon and we wish you love. Cheers, Nick

Well, the Preston and Steve Morning Show is moving to wmmr so I guess I can sort of listen to mmr, but I just can't get into that station. Very sad.

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I must say, a very classy message on the WMMR Rocks website, www.wmmr.com:

WMMR sends its best wishes to the programming and on-air staff of WPLY-FM, as station management has decided to drop their modern rock format. In any business, good competition makes everyone better at what they do.
Y100 and its staff will be missed by all of us here at 93.3 WMMR and all music fans in Philadelphia.

The staff at WMMR

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