2004-02-07 : 6:30 p.m.

Current Song: Heaven
Current Rant: Life itself
Current Obsession: riding! and jumping!

So where to start? It's been more than 24 hours since I last wrote, so... haha.

Yeah anyway. I was at Greylyn last night, Sue was there too. It turned out that Allison's first lesson cancelled so we used those horses for 5:30 and got in the horses for 6:30. I sent her to get Sponge Bob cause I didn't want to go into his field and yes, I am a horrible person. I got Apache, but it wasn't easy. He kept walked away from me. I finally cornered him in a stall and 2 of the other horses in the field decided to join us in there, thus making Apache even less happy. We got out just to find that Barb had dropped Tony off so he was at the gate. Well, we got out and into the ring before that lesson was over. I got Monet in for me to ride at 7pm and the lesson actually went pretty well. Allison had me freaking out several times because, well, I am a mental case, but I did well I think. Surprisingly, I am thrilled to death with my lesson. We started off just trotting then me doing circles at one end while who knows what Sue was doing. Then it was sitting trot and then cantering. I have a far better idea how to pick up the correct lead now. Basically (so I can later refer back here) lean weight to outside leg and lift with inside hand. It's actually a pretty cool way to look at it (well, to me since I didn't get that before). Anyway, after cantering both directions we started a single X, though it was much higher than the usual Xs I jump so I was happy. I went over that like 2 or 3 times before I start going into it only to find a big vertical! Yay! so I went over that a few times before she had me continue onto the outside line left over from Rachel's lesson earlier. Now, to be fair, I think vertical was lowered a little towards the end of her lesson, but... so I sorta freaked out, but got through it. It was strange because not only were the jumps higher, they were also closer together. It was really kind of cool though. We worked on that for about the next half hour or so (just that line/ combo/ whatever you want to call it) and then worked on the coup for a little while. I had fun. Sue jumped the X and then the vertical, but the rest was just me. I had a hell of a lot of fun. I really want to continue jumping high. Well, I'll start an extra lesson with Barb and we'll see from there.

Both Ed and Third Watch were disappointing, but I am thrilled to death that Jimmy didn't die.

I couldn't sleep last night. I fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 2am then stayed up till 6am then slept till 12pm. Odd sleeping patterns I tell you.

I spent a couple of hours at Ryerss today and saw Emily and Nancy for the first time in a while. Groomed Dancer and just really talked. Wasn't there long, but it was good.

I actually have nothing else to say.

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