2004-04-13 : 9:39 a.m.
yesterday night rant

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Ok, I was really ready to murder my roommate last night. I get back from greylyn last night at around 9. I was hoping just to be able to go get changed and take a shower and go to bed. Being that it was pouring rain all day yesterday and the rain was VERY cold and soaked through my waterproof jacket, sweatshirt, and shirt, and jeans, I wasn't in the happiest of moods. Ok, so I get back to the room and not only was Kat there, Joe (I think his name is joe..) was there too. So there went dealing with clothes then and there. I called my mom who told me she'd call later so I called my aunt. I get back to the room (from the stairwell) and the door is closed so I go in, lock it, and get changed. Kat comes back a few minutes later and lectures me about not locking the door (well, I was getting changed!) So then I start realizing that Joe is staying over. How do I realize this? The mattress that Kat is dragging in. Now did I get any warnings? no. Did I get asked? No. Hell, did I get told? NO. So once he goes out to make a phone call, in the clothes I'm wearing, get into bed, put the quilt over my head, and sleep (fine, so it's only 11pm). Once he comes in (the lights are on and door open), they both start complaining "she's sleeping already? now we can't watch tv or a dvd or anything. this fucking sucks. thanks a lot. I guess we have to go to the lounge." Very nice, right? Uggggh. Oh well, I was just happy to be in bed and not soaking wet anymore from the rain. Oh and the fact that the mattress was right next to my bed sucked too. grrrr.

I'm sure once Kat gets back from class, I'm going to get lectured or something. Oh well, I'll throw it back in her face and give her the whole "I was out in the rain for 6 hours soaking wet, got kicked by a horse (dramatize it), I was tired, deal with it." Ugh. fuck her.

I'm telling you, ever since she got mono, she's been a real bitch. Better now, but even bitchier. Grrrr.

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